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Recent Posts

Dishonored: Emily Kaldwin

WRITTEN BY: NIC Continuing along the Dishonored Tarot Deck project we look at the next major arcana card in the position of The Magician but titled Judgement. References and information is all inside to make following the project easier. Our first numbered card is the character of Emily Kaldwin. A young princess who is at […]

Tarot Tales: The Woman At Number Nine

WRITTEN BY: LUCY VOSS/SCORPIO Taking a stroll through a more urban tarot tale with Lucy Voss The Cul de Sac was originally just a cul de sac but the developers and the Town Council never managed to come up with a special name so in the end it became The Cul de Sac.  It was […]

A Little Adventure on Meditative Tarot

It’s coming to that time again where I’m literally looking in the mirror and down at my feet which have been hiding in clunky Winter boots for months and thinking “I am not Summer ready”. Before I even think about reaching out grab skinny jeans and sandals, I am absolutely going to have to be […]

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