Interview with My Deck

Interviewing my Deck: Robin Wood

Written by: Piper

Anyway, this evening, after many delightful years together, I thought I would interview my deck-I do find this a bit of a strange concept but I was also intrigued hearing about people interviewing their decks in various groups so I thought why not give it a go…and as always, would love to hear your takes on this reading and would be really interested to see your own deck interviews! Anyway here goes…

Interview with my lovely Robin Wood deck…

1) How would you describe yourself?
2) What do you think of me?
3) What type of readings do you like?
4) What type of readings do you dislike?
5) What is your strength?
6) What is your weakness?
7) What can you teach me?
8) What do you need from me?

1) 3 of Wands – Looking to the future, I am optimistic, I survey the situation and I weigh things up carefully, planning ahead.

2) 7 of Pentacles – You are enjoying the fruits of your labour. I know you are a hard worker and will persevere for your long term plans.

3) King of Pentacles – I prefer questions related to career, finance and material things.

4) Wheel of Fortune – I don’t like ‘tell me my future’ type questions.

5) 6 of Wands – I am a deck who has the courage of my convictions. I knows I will be right and victorious.

6) King of Swords – Like you, I don’t like the King of Swords, I just don’t like harshness or very domineering personalities and situations – I am a bit more ’emotional’ (and in tune with you, Piper!).

7) 8 of Pentacles – As a deck, I will teach you to ‘master’ your craft (or improve on your Tarot knowledge at least!)

8) The Hanged Man – I need you to contemplate thoughtfully the answers I give to you – I want you to really think about and reflect on what I am trying to tell you. Let go of worries and concerns and try looking at things from a new perspective!

…Really interesting result I thought!

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