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Lighthearted Lookahead: 4 of Swords


It’s wearing a little thin now – tripping over kids playing in the streets and they pinch all the best ice creams out of the shops freezer before you get there on a weekday and that horror of being too hot for a good cuppa. Aren’t they back in school yet and why is it still so hot? No? That just me? Luckily being in Scotland some point this month schools go back and I have my weekdays hop-scotch free.

The joys of 4 of swords is to be more mellow and live in the moment. I absolutely love the idea of just taking things at a chill pace and if Summer intends to keep this heat up, I frankly can’t be bothered doing anything other than being in constant sloth-like rest. Bonus – swords associate with air. Bring on a refreshing breeze!


Who cares about work right now or that thing that you simple have to do? The 4 of swords is that advert that pops up encouraging people to put aside their plans for today and instead spend it with their wee one. Just put it aside a little while and enjoy life. Live in the moment. Maybe you could consider taking a good rest by having a wee holiday somewhere, going for a few days out, retreat from mundane everyday life and try to spend time with those that you love. There is no excuse to be stuck in a rut – no chance. Fairs, fetes, events, festivals, special “kids go free” style offers and tokens inside cereal packets and on the back of bus receipts. Go out and have an adventure, life will still be here when you’re done.


Work generally brings challenges and issues and this promises that there will be a little reprieve and that you can have a little win. Finally! Don’t worry about having all of the answers or steaming ahead, swearing to take action. Cool down and recuperate. Work will be no shortage of challenges and ups and downs, so take a little time to instead focus on planning or evaluating moving forwards. Even demanding environments reap rewards from a placid approach time to time.  Find some quiet, block out the noise and if needs be get a stress ball or Newtons cradle.


Whether it’s trying to fine tune your ability to meditate and find a spirit guide or it’s simply trying to find answers this card is very clear – indulge in a little interlude. Listening and receiving is going to be more effective than actively pushing. Focus on your own intuition and trust in it, allow your mind, body and soul to heal and energize.

Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite
Month: August 2018
Card Drawn: 4 of Swords
Written by ShrinkingSunflower aka Nic
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