by Monica Bodirsky

Deck: Shadowland Lenormand by Monica Bodirsky 
Box price is: $24.99 
Publisher: ‎ Red Feather (19 Dec. 2021)
Language: ‎ English
Cards: ‎ 36 cards
ISBN-10: ‎ 0764362402
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-0764362408
Dimensions: ‎ 9.53 x 3.18 x 14.22 cm
Style: Lenormand deck
Card stock: Good quality card with gold edging 
Art style: Playful and quirky, ink-and-watercolour.
Inclusivity: For anyone who likes Lenormand. 
Packaging/guidebook: Magnetic fastening box with ribbon pull insert and a 112-page guidebook. 
Who this deck might suit: This deck is for anyone who is new to Lenormand or is an avid practitioner.  Lenormand is not Tarot, but a system of its own standing.

About the author/artist, and other decks in their portfolio: (taken from Amazon…other retailers available!): “Monica Bodirsky is a first-generation Canadian artist, author, and advisor whose passion in life is to empower people through earth-based self-help methodologies. She is the author and artist of the House of Shadows Lenormand Oracle, the Shadowland Tarot deck, and the Shadowland Lenormand. Identifying as a walker between the worlds, she practices the familial folk magic of her Northern, Eastern and Southern European heritage specializing in divination and herbalism. She is a sought-after international speaker, lecturer and workshop facilitator offering topics on spirituality and creativity as well as methodologies of divination and Witchcraft.

Her work includes community and capacity building as the founder of the Dark Moon Coven, programmer, and founder of the annual WITCHfest North Arts Culture Festival, and CATS, the Coffee and Tarot Society. She has been a professional advisor and reader for over forty years and works as a consultant for film and television for the equitable portrayal of spiritual women, earth-based spirituality, diviners, and magic practitioners.

You can follow her on IGTV and Instagram @Monica Bodirsky, on Facebook @Monica Bodirsky Design, Twitter @Monica Bodirsky and watch her YouTube Channel.”

Review: Oh, I’m a giddy little kipper here as I hold this gorgeously cute, yet dark, Lenormand deck in my little hands.  As a huge fan of Monica’s Shadowland Tarot, and the lady herself, I’ve wanted this deck since I heard about it last year.   It is beautifully presented in a sturdy flip top, magnetically fastening, box.  Inside is a ribbon pull to help you get the cards out easily and as well as the 36 gorgeous gold edged cards there is a beautifully detailed book, that fits inside the box perfectly.

Each card depicts a clear image with the title on it, but there are no playing card references depicted as in the traditional Lenormand decks I have seen; this suits me but may not suit everyone.

The art, aside from its colour, is different from standard Lenormand cards because no single card is seen as strictly positive, negative or neutral.  While they can still be read in this way, the additional context offered in the art allows for more flexibility and freedom while reading.” …excerpt from the guidebook introduction.

Inside the guidebook, each card is described with keywords, shadow words, a message and three reflective questions.  This makes this deck even more user friendly as it makes you think deeply about each card, especially if drawing one card to work with, and even more so when larger Lenormand spreads are used. 

The cards are easy to read and work together beautifully to give concise readings no matter how small or large the spread.  The card backs have the yellow and black bat design on to complement the Shadowland Tarot deck.

From the clouds with teeth to the fish carrying briefcases, this deck is packed full of whimsical characters which encourage you to explore further and deeper into your shadows in a fun and quirky way without losing the seriousness or importance of its purpose. This deck will never fail to delight its audience.  Reading Lenormand will forever be a joy when using the Shadowland Lenormand deck. 


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