by: Keziah Gibbons

via Insight Timer premium content

TABI member Keziah Gibbons has created a series of 79 recorded meditations (one for each card plus an introduction) available via premium content on Insight Timer. These meditations can be listened to in order, or individually in conjunction with a daily card pull or other way of selecting a card (the interface for doing the latter on the Insight Timer app isn’t intuitively obvious, but easy once understood).

Keziah draws on her expertise in reiki and neurolinguistic programming, and her skill in creating guided meditations, to provide this content in a rich and satisfying format; each segment, about 15 minutes long, consists of a few thoughts about the meaning of the card, a meditation relating to the card (accompanied by subtle music), and three journaling questions relating to the message of the card. In addition to the 79 talks, Keziah has created an active discussion space on the app for people to ask questions and share their thoughts; Keziah promptly, thoroughly and kindly answers any questions posted there.

If Keziah ever considers restructuring this offering, I would make two suggestions that would have made the experience better for me. First, I was uncomfortable with the formal and hierarchical language that was sometimes used about this offering, e.g. labelling it a ‘course’, and the discussion area a ‘classroom’. Aside from being put off by the connotations of these labels, I don’t think they accurately reflect the offering, as the virtual space Keziah has created is not really a teaching course but seems more collegial and egalitarian, honouring her listeners’ individual experiences with the cards and their own growth and change through introspection and meditation. Second, as an experienced intuitive reader I found the introductory observations on each card formulaic; instead of the standard ‘when you pull this card it means x’ that one could find in any Tarot guide it would have been much more interesting and worthwhile to have heard Keziah’s own interpretation of and feeling about each card as an introduction to the meditations and journaling prompts.

Although I have provided a couple of what I hope are constructive criticisms, I very much enjoyed using these meditations in conjunction with a daily card pull, and would recommend this series as an effective supplement to a daily card practice and to anyone who would appreciate a Tarot-infused set of daily meditations.

Reviewed by: Carolyn Dougherty


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