• Kickstart Your Tarot Business: A Professional’s Guide to Building Your Business
  • by Nicole Colella
  • CardShaper Publishing, 2023. Approx. GB £11 / US $14
  • ISBN 979-8390051092
  • Reviewed by Janine Worthington

A fantastic addition…

Nicole Colella’s book ‘Kickstart your Tarot Business’ is a much needed publication in a growing spiritual community with many people who are aiming to kickstart their own Tarot business from scratch.

This is a book which is tailored in the first instance towards businesses in the United States however it also has transferrable attributes for international businesses and is still a fantastic addition to anyone’s bookshelf no matter where in the world they are located.

Simplifies the complex…

 Nicole has 20 year of experience as a business entrepreneur and gives us eleven chapters of her expertise and signposting to different areas where one can seek guidance and advice. The book is nicely laid out and easy to follow with a nice style and tone. It is also broken down into practical chunks making sure the Tarot business aspirant is able to follow it closely from start to finish. It has 71 pages, is independently published and extremely accessible – available to buy via Amazon and other online retailers.

Personalised advice…

Nicole takes the reader through her own personal experience of starting a Tarot business so it makes for a very interesting story and you can also get to know Nicole and her inspiring journey. ‘Tips for choosing a name’ and ‘registering a business’ are the first essential steps to creating a business and Nicole has done a good job at making this very easy to follow. Again there are a few areas which are solely for the USA however the book equips you with the knowledge to do a like-for-like search in your own country for similar services. There are universal aspects like ‘submitting tax returns’ and ‘keeping track of expenses’ which are essential to know for people setting up a business for the first time.

Social media guidance…

In a rapidly developing online world Nicole has some really useful chapters on how to make social media work for you and how to develop an online presence. For people who are new to this they will find it invaluable, and for those seasoned online readers you may also find new advice here in order to push your business boundaries even further. There is also valuable advice on scammers and what to watch out for in order to protect yourself online.

Invaluable advice

‘Finding your target market’ and ‘Pricing’ are areas that are highly asked after by people who have questions about setting up their own business and Nicole does a good job of explaining her process in the book. Although the pricing is in dollars you can do a quick conversion online with your own currency.

My favourite sections are the ‘readings’ holding ‘tarot parties’ and ‘supply lists’ which states which items you need for readings and events with everything from tents to business cards! Extremely useful!

In summary, I found this book really useful and a very nice addition to the bookshelf. It is a book that you can turn to time and time again for advice. It would also make a nice present for a friend looking to start up their own Tarot business.


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