Why endorse?

TABI’s Endorsement of Tarot readers provides the opportunity for TABI’s members to be recognised by their peers, in terms of ethics and general competence in reading and knowledge of Tarot. We believe that certain minimum standards should be available for Tarot readers, encompassing ethical behaviour, the ability to demonstrate basic knowledge of card interpretations and a professional style of presentation when communicating with clients. We do not interfere with a reader’s style or method, neither do we advocate that all Tarot readers must necessarily undergo any sort of Endorsement or accreditation. However, by Endorsing our readers, we are making a statement attesting to their competence and ethics, on the basis of their work with the public and the scrutiny of their peers. Endorsement is primarily intended for TABI members who wish to become free readers, or read for TABI at events.

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Who can become endorsed?

Only TABI members may join the endorsement scheme (although a two month qualifying period is required for new TABI members and active involvement in the TABI forum). However, readers are not required to have undertaken any prior training with TABI and an application to become endorsed may be submitted on joining TABI. The endorsement process itself provides plenty of opportunity for practice, however we do expect a reasonable standard on application as it is a mentoring process rather than a teaching situation with mentors offering more guidance in the beginning of the process and tailing off towards the end. Applicants must also be aged over 18 years. We accept applicants for endorsement regardless of their location or mobility.

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What does endorsement involve?

The TABI endorsement process uses our email-based Free Reading service to provide free readings for real clients with real questions. This service is staffed entirely by TABI volunteers and includes endorsed readers and mentors, as well as readers undergoing endorsement. Successful applicants to the endorsement process are assigned a Mentor and are then required to work with them for a minimum of 25 Free readings. Once the reader has obtained endorsement, they may use this status in their Tarot work outside TABI, for as long as they remain a member of TABI and continue to contribute a minimum of one reading per month to the Free Reading service. Full details of the Free Reading and endorsement rules will be sent on application.

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How long does endorsement take?

The reader can pace the process according to how many readings they are able to do (in agreement with their mentor) each week, provided they submit at least one per month. Generally, a more experienced reader is likely to complete the process much faster than a less experienced reader, who may require more assistance from their mentor. For example, a reader submitting two or three satisfactory readings per week, could be endorsed within three months.

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What if a reader prefers not to do email readings?

We are looking at how we may be able to extend the endorsement process to include face-to-face or non-email based readings. However, we are constrained by the logistical difficulties of getting the reader and Mentor together for the required number of readings. Our membership is not only widely distributed throughout the UK, but also internationally.

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How can a reader join the endorsement scheme?

The first step is to join TABI. Once you are a member you can be sent the relevant information you need to apply to become a TABI Free Reader, this will include active participation in the TABI forum. You will be required to fill out an application form and tell TABI a little about yourself and respond with a Tarot reading to a straightforward sample question. The application panel reviews this and if accepted, the reader is assigned a mentor and invited to join the Free Reader team.

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Who are the mentors?

TABI Mentors are all experienced endorsed readers. They are all unpaid and give voluntarily of their time and effort to further the aims of TABI. The information and reading given on the endorsement application is used to try to find a suitable match between mentor and reader. However, if a good working relationship can not be established then either party can request a change of mentor.

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Karin Smale · March 11, 2021 at 10:03 am

Hello 🙂 I am a Tarot reader with home sin Australia and UK. I’ve been reading for 40 years now! I’d love to become endorsed and very happy to do email messenger, phone or written readings, as I have done formally years. Thank you! I am enjoying being a member of TABI and was impressed with magenta’s reading for me.

    Pengwen · March 17, 2021 at 10:53 am

    Hi Karin! Thanks very much for your post. To find out about TABI endorsement, please send an email to Yvonne at admin.readers@tabi.org.uk and she will answer all your questions. 🙂

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