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Book Review: Your Tarot Guide

When I opened the package to see this book I was instantly bowled over. ‘Your Tarot Guide: Learn to navigate life with the help of the cards’ is beautifully illustrated…

Tarot Without a Net: My Favourite Deck

By Guest Contributor: Mary du Plessis The other day, someone asked me to name my favourite tarot deck. My first thought was, “well that’s not possible”. I have a moderate…

Deck Review: Santa Muerte Lenormand

One disappointing thing for tarot readers who find themselves drawn to the tradition of Lenormand is that there aren’t quite as many decks out there. This may be because Lenormand…

Book Review: The Dream Gate

I’ve been interested in dreams and dream interpretation since I was a teenager. I have several books on the subject. What sets this one apart is that Dr Piedilato writes…

Deck Review: The Sacred She Tarot

This elegant vividly coloured deck is Ma Deva Padma’s third, after the Osho Zen Tarot and Tao Oracle decks.   It comes in a sturdy box with a magnetic closure, with…

Book Review: Jenny’s Journal

Jenny’s Journal is a breath of fresh air amongst the smoke and haze of Tarot journal publications! My way of reading tarot is about the intuitive interpretation of the art…