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Deck Review: Zeke’s Arcana

I found out about this deck last year from a woman in my Tarot study group, who was very excited about it when the project was announced on Kickstarter, and…

Book Review: The Tarot

In the forward to this edition of a text first published in 1962, John Michael Greer provides useful context for this work by Mouni Sadhu (the silent monk), the pen…

Deck Review: The Quên Oracle

This is the stunning sequel to the CARTA award winning Tarot deck – the Quên Tarot and what a beautiful pack of cards it is. What you get for your…

Deck Review: The Quên Forget Tarot de Gap

First things first, this is the CARTA awards winning Tarot deck of 2022 which won best Tarot deck and best self-published Deck. No mean feat! As a result, I have…

Deck Review: The Old Gods Tarot

This is my first experience of a deck created by Cilla Conway. The box, upon first touch, feels so smooth yet the embossed gold writing stands out as you touch…

Book Review: Kabbalistic Tarot

Dovid Krafchow, seems to have solid credentials for teaching about these topics; his biography states: ‘Dovid Krafchow has studied Kabbalah and practiced the Tarot for more than 30 years. He…