TABI Calendar

Halloween Craft Competition

*A TABI Members Event* Halloween is coming! This year, we've decided to open up our traditional pumpkin-carving competition to include all kinds of arts and crafts. Pumpkin carvings are still very welcome! And so are other visual artistic creations and inspirations, whether it's crochet or knitting, painting with oils or spray paint, or pumpkin-arranging. Something with sequins, maybe? We'll start a thread on the Forum on October 1st, and ask you to submit a photo of your masterpiece there, with the final deadline being Saturday October 31st. After that, we'll post a poll and invite everyone to vote on the winner ... who gets a prize! Here's your challenge: your work should be crafty; it should relate to Halloween; and it should also relate to Tarot. We can't wait to see what you create!


Maria Macontre Personality Portrait – Foundations

*A TABI Members Event* Following the success of the TABI Conference this year and the huge interest in Personality Portraits, Maria Macontre has put together a 10-part course for us, in which you will learn the foundations needed to start your Personality Portrait journey. The course duration is 2 months. It consists of 10 pre-recorded video lessons covering main concepts and topics of the course. Videos will be uploaded every Saturday starting from 3 October in the private Facebook group and will be available for you to watch and work through at your own pace. By the end of the course you will have learnt how to: • calculate the Base Portrait (11 positions in total) • interpret the Line of Life based on main energies of the date of birth • interpret Major Arcana depending on their position in the Portrait • interpret children’s portrait • identify ways to address blocks and fears • see what type of activity/ work may be interesting/ favourable to a person Introduction ✓ What is the Portrait ✓ Ways to apply the Portrait information to improve all spheres of life and relationships Base Portrait Structure ✓ Positions inside the Pot ✓ Some positions outside the Pot • Mission and Gifts (Positions 7,8) • Psychological Comfort (Position 12) • Self-perception (Position 13) • How other people see you (Position 14) Base Portrait Interpretation ✓ Interpretation rules ✓ Interaction of Major Arcana energies in the Portrait • Female, male and neutral Arcana • Active and passive Arcana • Family Arcana • High energy Arcana • Material (money) Arcana ✓ Specifics of interpreting Major Arcana depending on a position • Position 4- Blocks and fears • Position 7- Mission • Position 8- Gifts • Position 12- Psychological Comfort • Positions 13 and 14- Balance between how we perceive ourselves and how others see us ✓ Interpretation of children’s portrait There will be exercises for you to practice the theory. Maria will be answering questions in the private FB group during the course and two weeks after the last video lesson is uploaded in the group. Please note that if you want to receive specific feedback on your portrait interpretation and/ or answers to specific questions, you will be asked to provide the date of birth. Alternatively, you are welcome to a private consultation which Maria will be happy to offer at the discounted price for you as a course participant. Additional Resources: • Core meanings of Major Arcana in the Portrait • Calculation of a complete Personality Portrait for each participant Individual consultation TABI price (with 25% discount): £37 1 consultation per participant, please allow ca. 60 min Booking is now open! Send your payment via PayPal to


Spilling the Tea – an evening with Andrea Aste and Neil Kelso

It's time to unveil the magic of Oracolarium: a powerful and intuitive oracle which comes to life in deliciously innovative ways no deck ever has before. Meet the two wizards who conjured it, and learn the curious secrets they uncovered whilst creating this alchemical brew! Have your favourite Tarot decks handy (Oracolarium if you have it!) for this interactive virtual event - feel free to join in an be witchy with us all!


Book Club: An Evening of Kitchen Table Magic with Melissa Cynova

On Saturday 21st November 2020 at 6pm UK/GMT time, TABI is hosting an evening Book Club with the lovely Melissa Cynova, to discuss her new book, 'Kitchen Table Magic'.If you wish to attend, treat yourselves to a copy of Melissa’s book 'Kitchen Table Magic' – you can pre-order a copy now, ready for it coming out on October 1st, which gives us all plenty of time to read it before the book club date.We are asking (on behalf of Melissa) for you make a donation of £5 each (via PayPal to which will go to an LGBTQ charity that Melissa supports, called St Louis Metro-Trans Umbrella Group The event will be via Zoom.


Christmas Tree Decoration Competition

*A TABI Member Event* What will it be? A bauble painted with the King of Pentacles wearing a Santa Claus hat? A glass candle ornament with a Hermit's star? A Yule wreath woven with six Wands? Anything Tarot-related that can hang on your tree is fair game in our Christmas Tree decoration competition. We'll start a thread on the Forum on November 22nd, so you can start posting your works of art from then until December 20th. Then we'll start a poll to see who is the winner of the competition prize! Which will be announced before Christmas.


Midwinter Conference

Booking is now open! We're delighted to announce the three amazing speakers at our Midwinter Conference! Rashunda TrambleMonica BodirskyBarbara Moore It's going to be a fantastic day, and we hope to see you there. In fact, you can now book your place! Tickets are: £20 for TABI members£30 for non-members Please send your payment via PayPal: using the reference "Midwinter".