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Major Arcana and the Four Suits

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    Major Arcana and the Four Suits

    Can someone explain how the Major Arcana correspond to the four suits?

    Thank you,
    "The Tarot and its applications for card reading is thought of as something mysterious, mystical, magical, and, to some, even scary. But today we can see this classic craft as an ingenious creative thinking process called mind-mapping.
    Mind-maps look at a question visually with patterned positions.
    Tarot readings look at a question visually with patterned positions."
    - Genius of the Tarot by Vincent Pitisci

    Hi Larry, I believe through the elements; Fire, Earth, Air, Water. I also wanted to say the planets and zodiacs. There is book by Yolanda Robinson "Studies on the Mystical Tarot" the Court Cards - she talks about the association of courts and majors. As an example : The Fool is Uranus which is Air - the Hanged Man is Neptune which is Water, and Judgement is Pluto which is Fire...etc, a good read also.
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