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Unable to read a client

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    Unable to read a client

    Hello all. I have been reading the tarot for over 30 years but today I had a client that I couldn't read. At all! This has never happened to me before, and to be honest, it's freaked me out a little. Has anyone else had any similar experiences? Thanks in advance.


    Absolutely understandable, the freaking out.

    I have heard this before. In that case, it was a client who didn't believe at all and wanted to mock the reading and out it as a hoax.

    When that happened to me in the past, my cards took offence and answered by picking up what the client would rather not reveal (vindictive bunch, the Shadowscapes tarot), but I guess silence is a more... normal? option.

    Other than that, it could be someone consciously trying to block the reading... But that also feels like a test, in its own way, doesn't it?


      I've not heard of this before, so thanks for asking the question. I'd be interested also in hearing other's experiences. It does sound like something is going on, whether it's from the client or perhaps for some reason you are picking up intuitively that the question shouldn't be asked for some reason which isn't readily apparent?

      The only time I've had something vaguely similar is not getting the feeling of when to stop shuffling and draw the cards - that's only happened when I haven't picked the right deck to use or I've not asked the right question, but that's just doing readings for myself, not for strangers.


        Perhaps, for some reason, the Tarot does not want you to answer this question?

        "The Tarot and its applications for card reading is thought of as something mysterious, mystical, magical, and, to some, even scary. But today we can see this classic craft as an ingenious creative thinking process called mind-mapping.
        Mind-maps look at a question visually with patterned positions.
        Tarot readings look at a question visually with patterned positions."
        - Genius of the Tarot by Vincent Pitisci


          Very interesting question and interesting answers too I once knew a medium that could not read for a client she just drew a blank. I think the fact that you couldn't read for this querent proves you to be a sensitive and genuine reader...yes there must have been a reason for it and the querent would probably be the only one who knows. It has never happened to me but strangely enough the last reading I did made me feel very tired and miserable for two day....very odd but the querent was happy with her reading. x


            Hi Kate,
            This happened to me a few weeks ago at a psychic fair; I dealt several cards but the Querent could not relate to anything I was saying at all. (After nearly 50 years of reading, I can't be that wrong!) I decided to stop the reading (Querent was fine about this) and she actually said that she'd gone to someone else for a reading and the same thing had happened! My senses felt that something was not right with her and the cards did not really want to say anything.

            Over the years, I have had the odd occasion when this has happened before. From my experience, I think the Querent would rather the reading was stopped and for your honesty, rather than for wading on and then they feel a bit cheated. Have the courage of your convictions to stop a reading if this ever happens again!

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