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When the same person asks several questions in one reading

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    When the same person asks several questions in one reading

    Hi all!

    Okay, so if I know from the get go that someone wants to look at several aspects of their life, I can set up the spread that way from the start. But how do you react when there was originally one topic, and then there is some extra time and the querent wants to jump to an entirely different topic? Like, it was about their relationship, but when you're finished, they'd like a quick look at their career chances, too.

    Do you keep pulling cards? Reshuffle the unused cards? Gather the full deck and start from a clean slate?

    I'd always kept pulling cards, but the other day felt the need to reshuffle what I had in hand. Wondering how you go about it, and if it's a habit or a go-with-the-moment thing

    Hi Veronica,

    The same situation comes up for me quite a lot as well. I always reshuffle the whole deck, take a breath and focus on the new question before laying out the cards again. I feel that gives the cards a chance to respond to the energy of the new question. That's just the way I do it but I'm all in favour of a go-in-the-moment thing as well. Whatever feels right at the time.

    Hope that helps

    Best wishes


      Go in the moment, but point out that possibly if they were thinking of two things at once both readings might not be as clear as they could have been, especially if you feel the first reading wasn't quite right which can happen in these circumstances. Not saying blame the querent exactly, but they do have a certain responsibility to be clear about what they really want to know. Another TABI reader once did a reading for me and they wouldn't start till we had written down the question so we both knew where we were going.


        Having a go-to method can be very useful. Personally, I tend to go with my intuition. So, if the cards already dealt seem to equally address the 'other' issue, I'll read from those. I guess I see the cards as 'the ones' that are attached to the querent's energy that day. That said, if nothing's jumping out obviously in those existing cards - and especially if time is running a little low - I'll pull one or two cards to specifically address the further question/situation. Longer time span, then I might include a little spread, but probably wouldn't go into a full Celtic X.

        I used to read a lot in settings where keeping to a time limit was vital, so that has probably influenced my flexibility angle, over the years!
        * Life's too short, so be who you are and do what you want to do! *


          Lots of useful input! Thank you, everyone. It really is a relief to be able to talk about situations like these, see what other readers do,and learn, learn, learn.

          I like the reshuffle the whole deck approach, and I think it's the one I'd use whenever possible, but I do work with hard time limits often, so the plan of going in the moment AND the explanation of why is super helpful!


            I go with my intuition as well. Sometimes I'll keep going with the cards in hand and 'continue the story' as it were through the lens of their new question. If the cards feel like they want to start a fresh, I'll do that and reshuffle the whole deck. I've also worked with a whole different deck on top of the original spread, which can be really interesting. Whenever that's been what I've been drawn to do, it's been that the cards in the original spread and the new one done on top of it interacted in some way. Like, in your example of a love reading and then they ask about work, it might be that their partner will affect their career energy in some way and working in layers will pull that out to the forefront for me if that makes sense?


              It depends for me, I will usually pull a couple of more cards, I usually have an oracle deck as well to clarify or finish on so I will usually pull a card or two from the oracle deck I am using just to get a different perspective on it. I do use my intuition as well but I will discuss the cards that were already laid down during the reading and bring them into it as well.