Melissa Cynova

Melissa will be talking about helpful magic spells to perform after receiving a tarot reading.

Visit Melissa’s website at: www.melissacynova.com

Cilla Conway

Cilla will be talking about her new tarot deck, The Old Gods and how to tie the images and the gods to current world events.

Visit Cilla’s website at: www.devasofcreation.com

Andrea Aste

Andrea will be speaking about Tarot: Road to KnowHere. Giving us a new set of instruments to approach Tarot reading, by sharing some techniques he developed inspired by his university studies on philosophy of language and logic.

Visit Andrea’s website at: www.andreaaste.com

Sasha Graham

Sasha’s topic is: Narrative Storytelling where we can spin tales and tell stories when flipping cards for ourselves and others. We’ll examine narrative storytelling structure using the cards, only this time; you’ll be speaking from a previously unknown aspect of your Shadow Self to tell the story!

Visit Sasha’s website at: www.sashagraham.com

Benebell Wen

Benebell will be talking about TAROT FOR THE MODERN MYSTIC which presents a holistic approach to using the tarot to induce direct experiences with the sacred. Benebell will also be sharing lifestyle tips for cultivating the practices of a modern mystic tarot reader.

Visit Benebell’s website at: www.benebellwen.com

Maria Macontre

Maria will be talking about Personality Portrait: reading Tarot without touching a deck. Personality Portrait shows which energies would help us succeed, and which energies let us down (and what we can do about it). What professional areas may be most favourable for an individual to fulfill oneself, be creative and financially successful.

Maria’s website, www.macontre.com is under construction at the moment, but you can find her on Facebook and Instagram under @maria.macontre.