Tabi Training

TABI has been training members in how to use the Tarot since 2001. Our Beginner’s course has recently been revisited and now runs for 8 weeks using the Joan Bunning online book Learning the Tarot, our talented online Trainers, and the TABI forum.

To be eligible for the training you need to be a TABI member (£20 annually) and be at a beginner level with Tarot.

Beginners Course

Check out our TABI Beginner’s training modules and if you would like to join our next course please email your interest to, by clicking in the button below

The Beginners course for 2024 will run from 
January 14th – March 10th and from August 5th – September 29th.

Intermediate Training

Our Intermediate level training course will build on the knowledge of the Beginner’s course and will include the following modules over an 8 week period, combining TABI trainer expertise and our world-renowned TABI forum.

To be able to join our intermediate course, you need to have a working knowledge of the topics covered in the beginners course or to have successfully completed the beginner’s course.

The Intermediate course for 2024 will run from 
April 8th – June 4th
 and October 7th – December 1st.