Written by: Chloe McCracken / Inner Whispers

For this week’s second deck-based post, I thought I’d take a closer look at the Lunatic Tarot (Evan Yi Feng, 2005).  In fact, there was quite a nice cross-section of cards in Monday’s reading: a Major, an Ace and a Minor.  Still, for today I’ve drawn one card from each of the four parts of the deck. 

In terms of positives, I like the sepia tones of the images and their prettiness.  The deck is clearly RWS-based, despite most cards being fairly close-up on an individual and without much of the more traditional symbolism.  That makes it quite easy to read straight out of the box. 

For example, the Moon is very obvious, though the pretty girl may distract a little from ideas of a dark night of the soul, and the unconscious.  However, I can see her suggesting uncertainty, in her youth, and shadow work, with her strangely dark eyes. 

Likewise, the Ace of Cups works for me, with its large, overflowing cup, even if it is held by another pretty girl.  And it also has a nod to the traditional dove 🙂 

The King of Swords brings in some sumptuous, Klimt-like fabrics, and a rather Asian-looking King.  I like the suggestion of rationality in the geometric patterns on his clothes.  He also has a firm, almost stern expression, and his hand rests easily on his perfectly straight sword. 

However, this deck is not for the prudish, with its sometimes very sexual, bondage-based imagery.  The Seven of Cups gives a perfect example of this (as did the Eight of Swords on Monday).  Is she the one with emotional choices to make, constrained until she picks one of the cups behind her?  Or is she someone’s fantasy, a choice they daydream about?

So a pretty deck, an interesting and readable one, but not without its challenges…

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