Professional Readers

Professional Readers

All the Professional Tarot Readers listed below are members of TABI (The Tarot Association of the British Isles) and all follow TABI’s strict code of ethics.

Readers with “TABI Endorsed” under their names have undergone a thorough process of mentoring and their work is subject to ongoing review. To learn more of TABI’s endorsement process, please visit this page.

All services offered by the Reader are given as a contract between the Reader and the Client, and TABI holds no responsibility for any aspect of the readings.

For information on getting listed on this page, send an email to the listings co-ordinator.

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TABI Endorsed Professional Readers

Alison’s Alembic

Need some insight into a problem or situation? Having difficulty seeing the way ahead? Looking for some guidance or inspiration in order to make changes? Drop your question into the alembic, and see it transformed into ‘gold’ through an in-depth tarot reading!

I offer readings by e-mail, looking at where, what, and how you can change things and move forward.

E-mail me now to find out more. Payment by PayPal accepted.

For more details, check out my website.

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Diana McMahon Collis

Diana takes the email tarot reading experience to another level, with helpful insights, clarity and advice offered on your questions/situation. Also available are angel card readings and birth chart interpretations, all delivered in a confidential, kind, honest and friendly manner.

Diana’s a TABI co-founder and writes a popular column for The Mountain Astrologer magazine. Bringing years of experience from the Mind-Body-Spirit and psychic arenas, she uses cards, astrology and collected wisdom to seek answers, options, confirmation and ways forward for you. Book a reading via her website where you’ll also find a variety of articles, and links to products she has authored, including the beautiful, best-selling, authentic LKP-published Tattoo Tarot: Ink and Intuition (card + printed booklet gift set), Tattoo Tarot Journal and Movie Tarot.

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Diva the Therapeutic Tarot Counsellor

My name is Diva De Faria and I’ve been a professional Tarot and Lenormand cards counsellor for about 33 years. I also have a professional background in Psychology and Nursing.

My work as a Tarot Counsellor is a interaction of those 3 experiences that have enriched me as a person and a professional; giving me the necessary skills and tools to be a mediator in your process of to know more about who are you, what is a priority for you right now and how to achieve it.

I have an analytical approach in my readings, and it can cover any aspect of your life. The cards can analyse your love relationship, professional goals, financial life or your inner self. Thus, helping you to have a better understanding about what’s happening now and which are the next steps to be taken in your path.

I am also a Tarot and Petit Lenormand instructor, and my mentorship is open for students at any level of knowledge. The weekly classes are individual and personalized to your needs and learning style.

Tarot and Petit Lenormand readings are available online by Zoom meetings, WhatsApp audio or by email.

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Emma Sunerton-Burl

Professional readings (distance, telephone and F2F in North Wales) to give you guidance and direction in your life, using Thoth, Margarete Petersen, Sacred Circle decks, and my psychic impressions. Contact me for a reading via phone (+44(0)1614081919) or email.
Online Thoth Tarot training for tarot readers, looking at intuitive and psychological aspects of this deck in an experiential way.

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Green Temple Tarot

I offer ongoing or one-off tarot support sessions. Together we work with the powerful symbolism of the tarot to explore ways of moving forward. I encourage us to read the cards together as co-readers, collaboratively and creatively.

One session can really help you to ‘cut through the crap’ and understand what might help you to move forward in your situation. If you have long-term struggles, we can also combine tarot with counselling. (I am a qualified counsellor and I am registered with the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society.)

Sessions are offered via video call or in Temple, Scotland.

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Intuition Wizard

Intuition Wizard

Hello, my name is May and I run the Intuition Wizard, a place where study and intuition walk hand in hand.

I offer Tarot and Lenormand readings as well as Reiki sessions and SoulCollage® workshops.

My approach to Tarot is a psychological one, believing the secret behind the cards lies deep in our subconscious.

If you’d like to know more, check out my website or find me on Instagram.

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JoannaKate Grant

Tarot is the perfect companion to Astrology, and the two can be used very effectively together in order to navigate through the difficult periods that we may encounter in life. Using a combination of current planetary transits, and my intuitive use of the Thoth Tarot, I can help you to gain a deeper insight into the current patterns in your life. All options can be discussed, to your personal choice.

Contact me via email, and check out my website for more information.

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Juipter’s Realm

Jupiter’s Realm

Hi, I offer grounded and practical tarot readings designed to empower and support you. I believe tarot is a wonderful tool that can provide wisdom, clarity and insight into your personal experiences and life potentials, helping you to steer your path forward. I also offer astrology consultations. To find out more about my services, or to book a reading, please visit my website.

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JulieT Tarot

Julie T Tarot can help at times when you ‘can’t see the wood for the trees’, or when you’d just like to know more about your current situation.

Whether reading for you by email or in person, I provide an honest interpretation of your cards, together with practical guidance from the Tarot. For more information please email.

I’m also available for Tarot parties and events in West Suffolk.

(Need a gift for the “person who has everything”? Try a Julie T Tarot Gift Certificate!)

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I have been reading the Tarot for over 45 years and have been a member of TABI since 2007.
When reading for a client, I use the cards to shed light on their problem and as a counselling tool to give confidential and compassionate advice.
I am in the Twickenham, West London area and offer face to face readings or readings by email. I also teach Tarot.

Find me on Email, Etsy, Facebook & Ebay

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Margo Benson

I offer professional, compassionate readings via email or face-to-face from my Kent base. I use the tarot to provide insightful, intuitive and empowering interpretations for growth and guidance.
I also read for events and parties.

For more info, check out my website.

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Mick McCarthy

Mick is a professional Tarot reader, Reiki Master Teacher and Medium with many years of practice behind him. He provides high quality Tarot readings focused on helping you to make your own life choices. Based in the beautiful coastal village of Seahouses on the North East coast. Mick uses email, phone (UK +44 07951 823044) and video in whatever format you are comfortable with) to read as well as reading face to face on an individual, group or even party basis. A member of TABI since 2007 Mick loves to be able to help with his Tarot gift.

Find out more at his website.

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Neil Campbell

Neil Campbell

Life has its ups and downs, and at times we need some clarity. My approach to reading the Tarot is intuitive, practical and grounded. I will take a look at what is happening in your life at present, what the probabilities and pitfalls are, where you are heading, and the likely outcome if you continue your present path without change. My goal is to empower you to make a better decision. I include card images to help you see what is behind the words.

Email me

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TABI Professional Readers

Alison Cross

Using ancient tools to provide solutions to 21st century problems!

Alison provides you with friendly, in-depth readings where the emphasis is placed firmly on what YOU can do to improve your situation. Contact Alison now to find out more.

Payments by Paypal accepted and readings carried out by e-mail if preferred.

For more info, check out my website.

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Angela Casey

I offer confidential in-person Tarot readings for those in my locality (Somerset), and Skype or email readings for those who live further afield or who prefer a written interpretation to keep and reflect on.

I am a natural intuitive with a long-term personal involvement in Jungian psychology, dream-work and the language of symbols.

My aim is to help you understand yourself more fully, and gain insight into your life’s journey and purpose.

For more information, please contact me by email or go to my website.

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Arianne Galfre

I have been practicing Tarot since 2004, I use a Tarot deck created just for me. To learn more visit my website and French facebook page.

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Brian Anderson Tarot Therapy

Welcome to Tarot therapy from Scotland, my name is Brian Anderson. I am a qualified counsellor with over twenty years’ experience. I have become amazed at the possibilities of working with the Tarot as a therapy and transformational process.
As you respond to this symbolic language of the tarot in a session, I work with my knowledge intuition and experience within the tarot therapy process offering guidance, insight, healing and empowerment.
I offer session’s in person near Perth city Scotland and across the world via zoom or skype.
For full details have a look at my website.


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Cosmic Snail Tarot Logo

Cosmic Snail Tarot

Hi my name is Kim and welcome to Cosmic Snail Tarot! I have been reading tarot for more than ten years in an intuitive, rather than psychic or predictive way. Tarot is an excellent tool for self development, reflection and unlocking creativity. I provide all my clients with guidance and encouragement to seek out their own answers, and rely on their inner wisdom, to ponder on the messages and possibilities presented in the cards. Based in Canberra Australia, I am currently offering audio recorded readings and PDF readings, and can arrange for a live or recorded video reading upon request. 

I aim to create an interactive and conversational experience, where we use the cards to kickstart a discussion about how you can move forward on your career, projects, personal growth or creativity. Whether your question is small or big, in this coaching style of tarot reading you can expect to receive journalling activities or creative prompts to get started today on realising your goals and dreams. In longer readings we can work on a more comprehensive action plan using the tarot reading as a starting point.

If you are interested in reclaiming your sense of agency and empowerment, reactivating your creativity, and engaging with the messages in the tarot to help you begin a journey of self-healing or development, then I am here to help. I best serve clients who are not looking for predictions or quick-fix answers from the cards. I believe we all have free will and agency, and our destiny is not fixed in stone. The tarot cards offer alternative options for paths we can take, but which way you walk after the tarot reading is your choice. I look forward to connecting with you soon.

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Denise Richards

It’s a privilege to be a catalyst for positive change in the lives of others. With over 25 years of experience, I’ve had the honor of supporting individuals on their quest for self-discovery and fulfilment, drawing upon the rich tapestry of Psychic Mediumship and Tarot Reading.

I also provide a range of professional services including Clinical Hypnosis, Life Coaching, and EMDR Therapy.

Together, let’s embark on a path of healing, empowerment, and transformation.

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Enay’s Oracles

Tarot, Lenormand and Kipper readings & classes.
Empowering you to make the most of every situation and achieve your goals, self discovery by finding your lifetime personality and how to make the most of your personal potential.

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Joanne Sprott

Wonder what the celestial realm is whispering that you can’t quite make out?
With the Tarot, we can clear away the mists and spark an awareness of yourself and the situations surrounding you so you can make the best choices on how to move forward.
I provide readings via Zoom or phone. I accept payment via Paypal.

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Karen Wiederhold

I offer readings via Whatsapp or Facebook video call, by telephone and email. Contact me to arrange a reading by using the email address below.

My wish in working with you as a Tarot Reader is to create a space of healing and support, for you to feel empowered and inspired, to help take confident steps toward what you would like to achieve and navigate challenges you may be experiencing. I read Tarot combined with spiritual and psychic connection; drawing on my twenty two years as a Holistic Practitioner for additional insight and guidance.

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Katalin Patnaik

Option-based tarot readings with an honest reader. I’m to the point, prejudice- and sugar-free. I will help you see your options but leave the decision making to you.
Contact me via email to set up a reading, and check out my website for more information.

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Kate Parker

When you are feeling stuck, disempowered or not sure which direction to take, a Tarot reading can really help to improve clarity, raise your self-awareness and provide you with useful insights to help you focus positively on your next steps. I also combined Tarot with Coaching, Chakradance, Flower Essences & Soul Plan readings.

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Louise Underhill

Professional Tarot Readings via email, face to face (if local) or MSN. I offer real, intuitive, insightful and practical interpretations, with your choice of deck and spread, with a photographic image enclosed of the cards drawn.

For more info, check out my website.

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Occult Projects

I’m MegaHelen from OCCULT PROJECTS.

I’ve had Tarot for nearly 30 years. I use a combination of the card meanings and imagery, claircognizance and life experiences to bring alive the stories in the cards. A reading is like a a conversation with a friend who knows you well and wants the best for you, and a weather report. I explain the cards in a way that creates cohesive, down-to-earth and relatable guidance.

To find out more and book a reading, check out my website, Instagram and TikTok.

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I offer a professional, discreet tarot reading service, either by email or face to face in Folio shop in Southsea, Hampshire on Mon, Tue and Wed. If life is not making sense and you have no idea what to do next, ask the Tarot and let it clear away the fog and guide you towards the right path for you.
Parties and events considered.

Paypal accepted only for email readings.

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Sapling Tarot

Sapling Tarot

Tarot reader, artist and storyteller from the West Coast of Scotland.
I use tarot and art to help you nurture your own intuition and solve your own problems. My goal as a tarot reader is to empower you in your own life and give you the encouragement you need to find your best path forward.

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Witch Hazel Magick

Susanne Warnett

Susanne is an intuitive tarot reader with 30 years of experience. She has an office in King’s Lynn, Norfolk, and is regularly found at events in East Anglia.

You can also contact me by phone at +44(0)7859 922048.

For more information, check out my website.

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Semele Xerri

I read using my intuition while linking to my spiritual team; I call this natural channelling. Together we can explore the options open to you and uncover possibilities you didn’t even know were there. I guide and empower you to see and understand life situations more clearly, so you feel fully prepared for your decisions and choices and can develop and grow into the full potential of the unique person you are. I encourage you to ask specific questions so you can get the most practical advice from your reading. Contact me on email (, or check out my website for more information (

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Tim Brooks

I started to read professionally in 1996 and now full time since 2005. I am based on the UK south coast in Emsworth on the West Sussex/Hampshire border. I specialise in 12 month forecasts and practical readings for both private individuals and small businesses. Readings are usually on CD or via email. If you are in my area then face to face readings are much more fun.

You can also contact me by phone at +44(0)7859 922048.

For more information, check out my website.

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Tiza Diva

I have been reading both Tarot and Oracle cards for over 40years and also a qualified Life Healing Teacher and Wellbeing Lifestyle Coach and Author of two published books. I run courses, workshops and classes in The Art of Tarot and Wellbeing Lifestyle retreats on the Isle of Man. Being based just outside Bristol I am able to to both face to face, online Readings and if local to my area parties of between 4-6.

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Whithearl Tarot

My readings empower you to take your decisions with greater confidence and clarity, and inspire you to live your life to the full by learning to connect with your inner wisdom. My approach to the tarot is contemplative; I do distance readings, so you will receive the answer to your question in the form of a personal audio recording, which you can listen to in the comfort of your own home.

I serve clients locally, as well as throughout Europe and worldwide. Please contact me by phone ((+352) 621 182 495) or email, or visit my website.

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Zodiac Tarot

I use tarot as a tool for creative thinking. To give a general reading I combine my natural intuition with knowledge of tarot & astrology – particularly the Moon which influences each area of your life as it moves through the Zodiac. I give straightforward readings focussing on practical, positive messages that reveal the energy around an issue. For over 25 years I have been dedicated to developing my skills and I have worked as a professional reader for over 10 years. Readings can be online, by telephone or in person.

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