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Deck Review: Bee Tarot

When I first saw Bee Tarot, I was immediately curious as I had often wondered about the association of bees with divinatory or spiritual practices. I had noticed them elsewhere…

Book Review: The Women of Tarot

   Women of Tarot is described as an illustrated history of divinators, card readers, and mystics. That intro certainly piqued my interest, and I was intrigued by the format of…

Book Review: Iago’s Penumbra

‘Iago’s Penumbra’ is the debut novel from Rose Guildenstern, who also creates and practices tarot under the name Juno Lucina. The book is an exciting dive into life, death, the…

Tarot Without a Net: Enter… Moonlight

Enter…Moonlight By Guest Contributor: Mary du Plessis Have you heard of Moonlight? If you haven’t, you soon will. Moonlight is a new platform, developed by tarot enthusiasts Danielle Baskin and…

Deck Review: The Lunar Tarot

Jayne Wallace is a well-known psychic with a global following, serving as the driving force behind her company, Psychic Sisters. Gifted with clairvoyance since childhood, she has dedicated herself to…