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Shout Out: Vicki/Teawoman

Written by: Chloe McCracken / Inner Whispers

Here’s a shout out for Vicki/Teawoman, one of TABI’s lovely mentors who donate their time and energy to help fellow members through TABI’s Reader Endorsement Program:

I wish I had great tales to tell of how my tarot journey began.


I got my first deck in my Christmas stocking when I was 5, and began reading intuitively for my kindergarten class. Even the teachers would line-up at recess to hear what I had to say.


When I was back-packing around the world after high school, I took a tramp steamer to Iceland and a wild pony walked up to me with a deck in his teeth and dropped it at my feet. It was destiny. 

Alas, the truth is much less thrilling.

I don’t know when, where, or why I bought my first cards. It was the Sharman/Caselli deck, and little did I know way back then that it would be the start of something BIG. Many new experiences, friends, and opportunities, and a HUMONGOUS collection of decks!

My real job is teaching piano; I’ve been doing it for 20+ years, and most of the time I like it. Before settling into teaching, I sold crocheted shawls at local craft shows, got a business degree and worked with an accounting firm for a year (I am SO not an early-riser panty-hose-wearing clocking-in-type person), taught grades 5 through 8 at a Montessori School, and owned an (unfortunately non-profit) baking business called the Plum Cake, where my favourite part was testing out recipes.

Family-wise, I have two smart, creative kids and 4.5 grandchildren. So far we dote on 4 lively, lovable girls, and the big sister with the sibling on the way says she’s not having a brother because she doesn’t like boys. That’s how the world works when you’re three!

As for me, I’m happily divorced and have embarked upon the bucket-list travelling segment of my life. So far, I have wondrous memories of Japan, Prince Edward Island, Scotland, Prague, and Budapest. At the end of this summer I’m heading for Italy. In fact, one of the other readers (whom I’ve never met except here on TABI) and I are getting together for a visit in Florence. Thank you, TABI!

In September, I’m taking up Scottish Country Dancing for both the exercise and the socializing. Several former piano students of mine are members, so the tables will be turned; I’ll be the beginner and they the experienced ones. I hope they’ll be kind!

Back to tarot.  After many years of dabbling during summer vacations, six years ago I jumped in with both feet and am now up to my neck in decks, organizations, and workshops!

The Detroit Area Tarot Guild is a short jaunt across the Canada-US border, and the epic Readers Studio in New York is only a 2-hour flight away; I’m looking forward to a 5th adventure there this April (I realize how fortunate I am!).

TABI has been a kind and gentle learning ground for me, first through the mentoring process with Ribbitcat, and now being a fledgling mentor myself. I’m also s-l-o-w-l-y working my way through Mick Frankel’s astrology course.

Next projects? Planning and summoning the courage to offer in-person classes on the joys of working with multiple decks, wanglinginvitations to be on the payrolls of deck producers worldwide in my capacity as the premier deck-buying-enabler in the Western Hemisphere (if you’ve ever visited my blog, you’ll know what I mean!) and figuring out how to crank up a Youtube channel for TeawomanTarot.

Thanks for the opportunity to blather on about myself, TABI!


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