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Top 4 Benefits of Attending a Tarot Conference

Written by: Chloe McCracken / Inner Whispers

Next Saturday, 30th July, TABI is holding it’s Annual Conference.  It looks set to be an excellent event, and has been sold out for a few weeks already.  If you’re not one of the lucky attendees, you still might like to think about attending a future event, with TABI or also through the UK Tarot Conference in October, for which there are still some spots available.
So, what are the benefits of going along to this kind of event?

1) Socialise with fellow tarot peeps

This is probably the benefit most mentioned by people.  It’s such a joy to spend hours on end talking tarot without anyone’s eyes glazing over 😀  People will have all kinds of decks there to pore over, and everyone has a fun anecdote to share, or a question to really get you thinking.  You might meet people IRL who you’ve know online, an author or reader you admire, or meet completely new folks!

2) A chance to play and learn

Most workshops are interactive, so you get to spend some quality time with your decks, too.  Better yet, you might experiment with a spread or technique you’ve never tried before, or not used for a while.  Maybe you’ll play with a different type of deck to your normal comfort set, or combine tarot with some other divinatory modality.  There’s always a chance to learn something, having fun in the process.

3) Buying, selling and swapping

There are always stalls at such events, to tempt you with a new (or old) deck, an interesting book, and many more accessories and other divination delights.  On top of that, many people find someone interested in swapping decks, or you might sell a deck you just didn’t get along with, and make someone else’s day.

4) Meeting deck creators

Julia Jeffrey, artist Tarot of the Hidden Realms

Have an idea for a deck?  There are always deck creators at these events who are willing to share their experience of getting published.  For example, all four speakers at this year’s TABI Conference are deck creators, some of whom have self-published, some who have worked with different publishing firms.  Call it networking, or call it more tarot talk, it’s all good!

What else do you like about going to tarot events?  Do you have a favourite story about a tarot meet-up?  Please share in the comments below, or PM me on the forum (Chloe).  It might make a good future piece for the blog – People’s Best Tarot Event Memories…

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