Sacred Circle

Journey into: 4 of Discs

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

The first thing I notice is that the landscape in the background is the same as for 6 of swords and also 4 of cups. I am not clear on the connection of these cards but it occurs to me we have the same place – a place of peace – overlaid by three different elements  indicating stable emotions, stable material world issues and peak thoughts or intelligence in the 6 swords. Though the emotional 4 of cups wants to move before stagnating, the practical 4 of discs likes solidity and there is a depth to the river speaking of resources. I will go into the card and see what I find.

I walk into the card.

The discs are right in front of me and seem to stop me going further, demanding my attention. I ask of them: “What is your message?”

“We are the desire for riches and wealth, we are the building of financial security – yet with emotional satisfaction as a foundation.”

They move and point the way to the river. I feel they are saying that without the emotional satisfaction, they would not hold up. They turn back to me and I see them sparkling and shining with pink jewels and golden shimmer.

“Yes,” They say. “we are about love and gaining money for doing what you love. We are solid and secure. Your physical lifestyle does depend on income, but once you include the heart you are able to truly be stable, without it we turn into just discs of bronze. But we are gold when you work doing what you love. We are offering this to you: “Do not fear being financially successful.” See the pink of these shields; money is not evil it is love, love in action. When you give money to places your close to your heart and you receive money for doing what you love to do, you allow the flow of the deep abundant river behind us and there is enough for all you needs and everyone else’s too.

If you just do what you love and receive nothing for it, you become like 4 cups and, after a while, stagnate and rust as there is no renewal coming your way. Your energy depletes and the shine is gone. So do not bedevil money or the requirement for it – but follow your heart and allow yourself to receive fully along the way.”

“Thank you.” I say and ask about why they seem to block the way to the river and emotions.

“We are also representative of emotional boundaries, as well as having a boundary on what you spend and need. That is not buying for the sake of it, but ensuring you only buy what brings you joy. Also we represent the need for boundaries with people and situations; saying no. Sometimes physically withdrawing from people, from the world, from work, is necessary for you to understand and know your own depths. This too keeps you fresh and flowing. Trust you will have enough if you take that holiday you need and say no to work. Trust too that you don’t have to accept all that comes your way, if your heart is not in the work then let it pass by for those whose heart sings for it. Then you will make space to receive what makes your heart sing. We stand in the way of anyone who would take your energy or power and deplete your inner self. As you say ‘no’ you protect yourself and your family, and you allow more joy and abundance in.”

“Thank you – you have a lot to say about this and I feel it is very relevant here.”

They part and allow me to proceed forward.

I find myself in the river. It is deep, slow moving and full. It feels warm and wonderful to be in nature in this way; all the trees branches are leaning over me as I swim through the water and I can hear birds singing and the sun is shining. It does feel like a break away from it all; it feels nurturing and nourishing. I feel as if I am in the centre of my world and that this card is about creating safe space for me as much as about the external, material world.

I hear a voice say: “Yes indeed, we will protect you as you allow yourself to be soft in your inner world. You are free to roam here as the outer world boundaries are strong and clear.” I feel the voice is coming from the trees at the side whose branches lean over me protectively and lovingly.

“What of you water?” I ask the river. I feel an answer:

“We are what both holds you, and moves you on. We are the flow of money and joy in your life, here we are deep and slow moving; there is plenty. It is a time for peace and this is a place in which you can allow yourself to dissolve and be naked to yourself.”

“Yes I see. I understand.”

I swim further downstream and find the water gets faster and more exciting. There are rocky banks and the currents get stronger. I am not afraid though – I understand I am safe here and feel as if I am the water itself. I flow onwards and then downwards into a big pool as I fall down into this pool I feel the sun on me burning off impurities and seeing every part of me. I flow excitedly forwards, gathering in strength and energy after my peaceful rest higher up.

I allow myself to be with this feeling for a little while, then decide to go to one side of the river and walk back along the bank. As I get out I find the water droplets fall off me effortlessly and I am dry and warm. I walk upstream in the dappled sunlight.

Oh nature “What do you represent?” I ask of all the plants and trees, insects and animals that I know are about me.

“We are the abundance of life living in harmony, as we each go with our flow, addressing our needs, we provide for each other and balance is made and maintained. You too can have this in your life; you need only to be aware of when you need to rest and when you need to go forward. As you set your boundaries accordingly you will find there is an abundance in your life, you have everything you need at each moment. When you resist the flow then fear has started to influence the world you create. Think in terms of love and acceptance and you will be able to find and create a balanced, abundant path for yourself.”

“Thank you that is lovely.” I say and know I am back at the start and the discs are there. I feel them smiling at me as if they could smile – I know they are sending loving thoughts and have been aware of me on my journey.

“What if you are reversed in a reading then?” I ask out to all I have spoke to. “Then you are not creating space. You are focused so much on the material you do not see that you need the emotional to find the flow in abundance. You may be unable to set the boundaries with others that you need to, to maintain what is yours, to give to yourself the space, money and time you need to follow your joy. The way to right the card is to focus on what gives you joy and to say no to all that takes you away from your centre It may be that you need to take time away from your usual life and retreat to a place where the boundaries can be enforced with strength. Once alone time has been gained then you will have the knowledge of where your joy is asking you to go, the steps you need to take in the practical world and how to bring more abundance and joy into your life.”

“Thank you all for your wisdom,” I say. “it is very enlightening.”

“Do you have a message specifically for me? I ask. “You know the message. We are sending you love. Allow yourself to desire money and desire things. You are allowed to have these things and live in comfort and abundance. You also are not expected to work all the time to receive them, look at what you love doing and allow yourself to receive for offering your knowledge and gifts in these areas to others. They will experience the joy you experience. Do not be afraid – you have much to offer. Do not be afraid of the quiet times either for these times are as important as the busy. Enjoy each moment.”

“Thank you.” I say. “That is very useful to me.”

I leave the card and come back into myself, this card was a lot softer than I expected when I started, and I find the comments very appropriate for me right now.


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