Interview with my Deck: Magickal Tarot

Written by: DannyM

I fairly recently bought a second hand copy of the Magickal Tarot and was intrigued by the concept of interviewing tarot. I have used the rather good wee book that comes with the deck written by Tony Willis to get a feel for the cards.
So here goes my interview with my Magickal Tarot deck.

1) How would you describe yourself?
The High Priestess
Mmmm let me dwell on that for a moment….I would say that I am far more attuned to feelings rather than fact. I am so well attuned to my feelings that my intuitions are rarely wrong. I represent the power of meditation, reflection and I’m definitely the one to seek for those who want to go within to find knowledge from the collective unconscious.
2) What do you think of me?
The Ace of Disks
I think that you are a bit too grounded in the material world and could do with being more attuned to my qualities Danny. Perhaps far less pondering the mysteries of how well Steven Gerrard will do managing Rangers and why you never seem to have any money at the end of the month. I’ll give the answer to the second one for free …. you spend it.
3) What type of readings do you like?
The Hierophant
As much as I like to go deep within I know there’s no I in team, So the go to guy in my opinion is The Hierophant. I like readings that shine the light of truth in such a way that mere mortals, such as you, are able to understand. I realise that you haven’t got the time or ability to spend pondering the true mysteries before your mind wanders to more mundane matters such as Chicken Vindaloo or Phall for dinner.
4) What type of readings do you dislike?
The Emperor
I didn’t have to meditate too much on this question… if you want to get the best out of me, avoid using me for materialistic and competitive scenarios leave that to the Emperor.
5) What is your strength?
The Knight of Wands
I’ve read your mind and sense that you might think that I sit about all day on my throne with a fancy big hat all cool and calm pondering the depths of my psyche… and yours, but after all the inner searching I can step up a gear…..
6) What is your weakness?
The Queen of Wands
When I step up a gear I know that I can move away from letting people work it out solely using their intuition I’ve got all day but know you haven’t.
7) What can you teach me?
The Princess of Swords
I can teach you how to use me with intelligence on a practical level and communicate readings to others.i’ve bitten the bullet and given up on your potential for meditative and intuitive development…for now at least , try the phall.
8) What do you need from me?
The Princess of Wands.
Okay Danny how can I put this…The Princess of Wands is enthusiastic, hard working, internally motivated, impeachable character and respected for her candour and openness, affectionate, supportive and determined.

I’ll do my best High Priestess………what do you think about Gerrard’s chances by the way?

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