Nic is a member of TABI and has her own little tarot reading service called Coffee Cup Tarot. Currently she is a free reader for TABI and going through the endorsement process. 

How would you describe yourself? – 10 of Wands
I am the light peeking through the darkness. If you care to look and accept the help. Life is hard and often people pile on the pressure and feel the weight of their decisions. I am willing to help shine through and walk beside them, easing their pain and allowing them to manage their loads.

What do you think of me – Justice
There’s an element of balance in your approach whether popular or not. The risk is that your balance can be non-committal or make you appear cold. Definite efforts to attempt to move through life with a sense of integrity and understanding.

What kind of readings do you like? – Temperance
I like readings where I can use compassion and empathy to soothe raging fires. Impossible situations, raging emotions and where the soul needs healing I will be there to carry their woes and nurse their pain.

What kind of readings do you dislike? – 9 of Swords
Ones in which someone will refuse to see the truth in their situation and refuse to wake up and let go. The mind is a fragile and powerful tool, if they allow it rule their lives entirely then I simply cannot help them

What is your strength? – 5 of Swords
My greatest strength is to cut through the noise and offer the chance to regenerate and gain strength/clarity so they might overcome their struggles. Whether they attempt to hide their lack of grace or simply feel the weight of criticism and judgement then I can allow them to find feeling for their wounds.

What is your weakness? – Strength
I am not a fierce deck and can be passive. My heart is in nature and compassion and so I guide but my appearance and approach may scare away some. My nature is such that sometimes practicality can be lost and a sense of boldness might be missing as I am underestimated as a “spiritual” deck alone.

What can you teach me? – Mother (queen) of Wands
I can teach you to find your inner fire, fuel it and move forwards with confidence. Shake off the dreamers shroud and grasp life by the horns. How to be more able to move through life with knowledge and a presence which is neither feeble nor unsettling. Simply to be as you are.

What do you need from me? – The Empress
To find your life rhythm and get in touch with your nurturing and creative side. Understanding your own life cycle will allow you to achieve more and to embrace more. While you have a loving nature you can be more expressive with it and allow your mothering side to be more apparent. Be open to the aspects of yourself you would normally deny.

Additional Card
Additionally the 3 of Coins fell. Let it be known that while this is all true, I work primarily on the underpinning groundwork that everyone puts in. It is about my guidance, it is about the seekers efforts and it about the path that they carve for themselves. Blending choices, action and advice together is how to make the most out of me. I cannot give full answers and I do not necessarily give concrete direction but provide the blueprint for the seeker to work off of.

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