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Dishonored: The Outsider: The Fool


Nic has a love of both tarot and video games and this project is designed to look in detail to the Dishonored Tarot Deck. Insight to the games/characters are all included to make it easy for those not familiar with Dishonored to join in

The very first card we come to is “The Outsider”. This card has no numerical value stamped on it and clearly shows the character in the game known simply as “The Outsider” standing in a confident manner. Where the numerical value is shown on the other Major Arcana cards, there is instead a new symbol. This is known as the “Outsiders Mark” (explained fully below). This is something which the player comes into contact with in the game.

“The Outsider”

In the game the player quickly comes into contact with a strange and mysterious figure who is clearly supernatural. This odd character is known as The Outsider and he appears to oversee the world and at will can grant individuals with supernatural abilities. Especially within the main first game of Dishonored it is entirely unclear his intentions and doubtful that he is particularly benevolent or evil. If someone catches his attention and interest he can offer them access to special abilities by branding them with a runic symbol known as “The Outsiders Mark”.

“The Outsiders Mark”

Sacrificed as a teenage boy, strapped to a ritual table, rendered powerless and weak to resist he was sacrificed. This is a very nutshell version of the ritual but the idea relevant to this project, for me, is that he was young (open for argument to say naive) and powerless to the strength of life events. He was essentially unequipped for life.

The ritual is what made him the deity that he is and in his attitude he is fairly matter-of-fact. He will comment on choices the player makes and how they’ve used their gifted abilities but he has no desire to intervene whether it is a violent or sneak approach to challenges. He does not favour sides and while he has occult followers who worship him and long to be offered the Outsiders Mark he has absolutely no interest in their following. In many ways he is more an observer who throws the odd curveball to change up life events when it suits him to people that he finds worthy to wield any power.

His name in his initial death was cut away and so he has no real name. It is later revealed that the Outsiders Mark is in fact his true name but it is a language that cannot be comprehended by any living mortal. This adds to the sense of mystery that shrouds him. He appears to have some ability to seeing the threads of choices and what will occur from the choices made.

unknown quantity
offering of gifts
shapes the world
apparent lacking of agenda

The Fool – sense of naivity and adventuring into the unknown. Embodies the idea of other forces having better knowledge or control. The idea that opportunities can be ceased but for a price.

The Magician – offers gifts and insights to those who are embarking on a journey. No clear idea of intentions from the giver of gifts. Art of mystery and manipulation.

The World – brings together everything and a sense of control and mastery over life and consequences.

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