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A Little Adventure on Meditative Tarot

It’s coming to that time again where I’m literally looking in the mirror and down at my feet which have been hiding in clunky Winter boots for months and thinking “I am not Summer ready”. Before I even think about reaching out grab skinny jeans and sandals, I am absolutely going to have to be a bit (translate : a lot) more kind to my body which is still a little comatose from Christmas!

Problem is, in a very stereotypical Aquarius way, I am a little airy-fairy and can spend a great deal of time imagining myself strutting around in a Summer dress like I belong in Vogue and I can just as easily spend shockingly little time and energy into actually getting Summer-ready!

What I need is a creative solution.

I need to call yet again on the wisdom and gentle nudging from tarot in order to stay my mind and get a little practical perspective about myself. I have got to achieve something and if I struggle to do it myself then tarot can often help.

2 of swords – Rider-Waite Smith

In order to help, I decided to try something which I have seen so much of but never attempted – to meditate and use a card in every day life. Beforehand, I was much more of a “pull a card and accept it” sort of person, now I have to say, I see the benefits of choosing a card in order to help in a particular situation.

For this, I chose the 2 of swords. We all know it well, the lady in white sits in front of a calm seascape. She is blindfolded and balances perfectly two swords crossed over. The woman herself is in perfect symmetry and a small crescent moon is above.

Here’s the thing, in my mind I picked the card but now I’m not so sure that the card didn’t pick me after all. On reflection a card such as Strength, the Sun, 8 of pentacles even, might be a good shout in order to knuckle down and work hard for some good results. However, I thought of the 2 of swords for balance and taking decisive steps and when I pulled the card to look at it, it appeared to be digging much deeper than I had anticipated and is definitely the card that I need in my life right now. So much for me having my own free will, eh?

It got me thinking. Tarot pulls in and out of a lot of people’s lives, it’s not always something that just stays forever and ever. Sometimes people take breaks however long or short. Sometimes the feeling and motivation just aren’t there. However, when the craving calls tarot will keep finding ways to claw back into people’s lives. In this case, I am in a lull with tarot and I thought to consciously choose a card and meditate with to achieve a goal. What happened instead was that the card I allegedly chose, seemed to be the card that I needed not just for this but in my life in general. It’s almost a scary thought that now I have bonded with tarot all those years ago, the reality is it’s an addiction that I will never be able to quit.

Kinda scary, kinda awesome.

Happy taroting folks and know that you’re never alone when there are a pack of cards at hand!

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