Interview with Sue Goodrum, aka Seraphina

What first drew you to Tarot?

I’ve always loved crystals, precious stones and jewellery and gradually I started noticing Tarot cards as well. Twenty five years ago I met my husband and as part of our ‘getting to know each other’, he and I joined a Tarot study group locally.

What is your favourite deck right now?

I was drawn to the Anna K Tarot cards, when I saw them being used at the UK Tarot conference years ago. I return to this deck over and over. I love the colouring and the general hopeful aura of these cards.

Tell us about a card that means something special to you.

My sun sign is Capricorn and the Earth suit speaks loudly to me. In every deck I check out the Nine of Pentacles/Coins before buying. It seems to reflect my own struggles to become financially secure and independent in life as well as to developing a less critical and kinder approach to myself and others.

What is your favourite, or go-to spread?

when I first started doing readings for friends and family I used the Horseshoe Spread in Juliet Sharman-Burke’s ‘Mastering the Tarot.’

Five cards: Current position, What do you expect out of life at the moment, what you do not expect, the immediate future and the longer term future.

I still use it sometimes for a general reading.

How do you think Tarot works best?

I see Tarot as a tool for having conversations that bypass ‘small talk.’  I read at an annual village fair, just one card. So many amazing conversations take place in my small tent.

Why did you decide to become a Free Reader for TABI?

Initially because I wanted to read regularly and I was curious about how it was possible to deliver helpful readings by email. I had a desire to help others as well but now after becoming a Free Reader I’ve discovered so much wisdom and support from the TABI community and received some very satisfying feedback from the TABI querents.

What do you like best about giving Tarot readings?

I love the challenge of tuning in to the person who’s asked the question and finding the right way to explain my understanding of their cards and situation. Finally I remain in awe at how incredible it still seems to me that the Tarot can give such ‘spot on’ advice and sum up a situation so accurately.

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