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Book Review: Tarot Moon Journal

Review  by Sezo / Sarah Kral

We all know we should keep a tarot journal. And maybe some of us are very guilty of not doing so, I know I am! So, I bought a copy of Christiane’s Tarot Moon Journal 2015 to see if that would help me. 

The journal comes in a PDF file that you download via Christiane’s website, and it was an effortless purchase and download. However, if you look on her website you are able to have a look at samples of the journal so people can see what sort of thing to expect. 

Christiane’s diary, starts with a beautiful cover page and the following page offers guidance on how to use the journal effectively.  Whilst she suggests printing the journal out (74 pages) and drawing/writing/decorating it as you wish,  there are now easier ways to type into and annotate pdf files then before. Adobe now lets you insert text boxes into pdfs, which is great though you can’t type like you can into a word document. For example,  I have been playing with the idea of typing, and also using the ‘sticky note’ option with adobe so I can type, but then add further details without worrying about word limit and space.  You could copy and paste it into a word document but you would lose all the formatting, and take a long time to sort.  So, if printing isn’t your thing I wanted to show how you can edit and adapt the pdf file for your journaling needs! 


In this picture I have written in my Card of the Day, and then used the sticky note option to add in more detail.


And in this picture I have added more text boxes and sticky notes….

The sticky notes, I think, can be as long as you want, and you can have multiple sticky notes on one page or one section. This makes the journal studying easily adaptable for different decks (comparing the Fool from the RWS , the Thoth, the Tarot de Marseille) or even studying different oracles such as tarot with Lenormand, runes or whatever you like! Just start typing. You can save the document and all the inserts you have put into it and review them later by either hovering over it with the mouse, or clicking on it to edit the note. Easy! 

You can even edit the font/colour/size of the text in the text boxes, so you can make your digital journal very pretty, or colour coded if you want.

The journal itself highlights the importance of the New and Full moons for readings, noting the astrological shifts throughout the year and what they represent, but putting that into a tarot context. For each New or Full moon there is a whole page dedicated to a spread/reading so you can focus on that energy and how to work with it or manifest it into your life. The journal includes the astrological correspondences for the Majors and the Court Cards and each moon the spread page draws on its corresponding cards as journal points. There are images of cards from several decks, but mostly with the Wizards Pets and the Steele Wizard decks to give a splash of colour and tarot imagery throughout the journal, without making it image heavy and lacking content.

It’s fantastic to see astrology and tarot interwoven in a practical aspect. I’m sure Christiane could have put lots of astrological ‘weather’ in the journal but I think that could be making the journal overcomplicated or overwhelming for those that are beginners or uninterested in astrology as such. There is enough astrology to get you interested in how the two are interlinked, but also plenty of room for your own study. The importance here is application of the energies and your readings, your life, your development, not just the academic knowledge.

Of course, as the images show, you can add in your card of the day, and complete your new and full moon readings easily digitally as well as printing it out and doing it the ‘old fashioned’ way) . There are also pages on goal setting (with cards you chose or cards drawn), reviewing 2014 and at the end on reviewing 2015 and the hopes and dreams for next year.

This journal is simple, it’s very practical and I feel it’s brilliant for tarot journalling. I am hoping that I can use it all year round. Whilst no journal can make me stick to a card of the day practice, I feel that this is possibly the best way for me to do it without getting bogged down. With the options of adding to it via Adobe I can see how this has scope to keep me going, even if it is just drawing a card and writing it down.  At least it starts a record of the shifts and changes, the patterns etc that a daily practice gives you.

This journal can’t make you a better tarot reader, but it can damn well be a fantastic tool to keep you reading and developing yourself. I would really recommend it and I hope that by the end of the year I’ll have more filled in pages than blank ones! 

Tarot Moon Journal 2015 by Christiane Hayes

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