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Shout Out: Chloe McCracken

Written by: Chloe McCracken / Inner Whispers

Another shout out this month, this time for myself (yes, that feels a bit weird):

My first exposure to tarot was with my mother, back in the seventies when I was a child.  She was a real hippy, and had a Rider Waite deck wrapped in a silk scarf and packed into a wooden box.  She also had a Marseille-style deck, given she’d lived in Paris for a number of years.  That one, though, she had never connected with, and she rarely read with it.

Not that I ever got my sticky fingers on either one.  Having kids myself, I now understand perfectly why she taught me to read coffee grounds and use a pendulum, but kept her tarot decks safely under wraps!

Anyhow, in my teens, my best friend got a tarot deck, and we used to do readings together, mainly about boys 😉  She ended up giving away the King of Pentacles card to one of her paramours, and that was that, for a while.

When I turned thirty, I started training as a yoga teacher.  I became close friends with one of the other trainees, and she was very into tarot.  She gave me a set of runes and Ralph Blum’s book about them, and so we used to do readings, her with tarot and angel cards, me with runes.  Although I enjoyed the runes, they never spoke to me as clearly as the images on her cards.

In 2004, I left Spain, returning to the UK.  Given my friend was no longer around to share readings with, I decided that the tarot was no longer “her” sole province.  Signing up for a beginner’s tarot course at Mysteries in Covent Garden, I became a frequent deck peruser on Aeclectic.  By the end of that six week course, I already had five decks (I’m a double Gemini, that’s the way I roll!)

After the Mysteries course, I wanted to take things further, and that’s when I researched and found TABI.  One thing that impressed me was that my favourite tarot writer, Rachel Pollack, was going to be speaking at their next Conference.  Attending that was an amazing experience, and I even got a reading from Rachel – such insight!

Anyway, I also loved the connection with other readers, the diverse range of subjects discussed on the forum, and all the support and insight I found there.  As soon as I could, I signed up for TABI’s endorsement process, becoming one of their free readers – a real learning experience.

I’ve now attended a couple of conferences, met lots of people, taken part in various study groups, and learnt a great deal about subjects as diverse as deck creation, astrology, tarot, lenormand, public liability insurance, and how to start up a blog.  As part of my desire to give back to this fun, friendly organisation, I did some research into the effectiveness of TABI’s professional readings page, and later took over writing and running this blog.

This year sees the release of two decks that I’ve had a hand in creating.  Yes, TWO, news about the second will be up on my blog soon, but if you sign up for my newsletter, you’ll know even sooner!  It will also see me speaking at the Tarot Festival and Tarot Conference.  It’s been an amazing journey, and I look forward to seeing where else these bits of card will take me!


Written By: Chloe MaCracken


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