Sacred Circle,  Wands

Journey into: 10 of Wands

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and feel that it is a bit sparse – I like Wayland Smithy and have been there on numerous occasions and found it to be a powerful spot – one of transformation and setting on a new path.

I walk into the card.

I look at the wands and ask then their meaning. I notice one set is gold and the other silver and wonder about this too.

“We are the wands of force,” They say. “both the active gold ones, and the more receptive silver ones, like the force of the sun to create and make things grow, and the force of the moon to make waves and govern the emotions. Each of the sides of you has their forces aligned and going in one direction, yet there is many of us, too many really, as we all file forward towards the new life, the transformation, that the barrow promises. We need renewal; we have been on long journeys and travelled far. We need to rejuvenate ourselves, and our power, to come together in our energies so we can create something new.”

“I see,” I say, “so you have all travelled a distance to be here and you are the active and receptive forces within us coming together to make change.”

“Yes that’s it. It is overdue. We must die together to be reborn of the earth.”

I get the sense of it being uphill to the barrow. I ask the land about its symbolism here.

“Yes it is an uphill struggle, we point the way forward and yet the last few meters are the hardest as they are in a race; you know it will be over soon, so you put everything into it, as you might when racing.”

I see they are using an analogy in my own life to show me how it is the final push to the end, exhausted and weary, yet worth just making the last few steps.

“Thank you.” I say.

I walk uphill and to the barrow.

“May I enter?” I ask.

“Yes.” I hear the reply in a deep voice.

I walk out of the sunshine into the barrow – it is cool and still. I hear:

“Come within the Earth my child for the Earth can transform your stresses and strains. Rest in the womb of the mother and allow yourself to be nurtured with the stillness of all time. There is nothing to do – only to be. Let your tensions sink to the earth you are sitting on, and allow her to take your stress and make into nourishment for others.”

I feel my tensions sink to the ground and I feel still and peaceful. I can feel this as time out of time and sense the renewal it is giving me. It feels like the pause between each breath, it feels wholesome and nourishing. I no longer have to push anything, all is given. All is still; there is no striving.

“You understand well my child.” The voice says. “As you sit here in darkness and in the void, so you release your patterns of over-giving, over-trying and pushing the world forward – it is time for something new.”

“Thank you.” I say. I get up and walk out and feel as if I have been reborn. I walk round the outside of the barrow and feel deep peace and joy and a centeredness I have needed for a while. The sun warms my back and the wands appear to line the way forward to the barrow – rather than moving themselves they now seem still and merely a guide to peace.

“So you are a guide too then?” I say to the wands.

“Yes we are. It is the struggle of doing too much that brings people back to their centre In so many ways we are the pendulum swing needed to force people to take action and re–find their centre It is only through over-doing something so completely that people find they need to make adjustments and return to their centre We give the learning that the centre needs to be focused on to create spiritual flow in your life. This is our lesson to you.”

“Thank you.” I say again.

I notice the trees and ask them for their message:

“We protect and we also show you your strength. You can be strong enough to withstand the forces of nature with deep roots and flexible branches. We teach you this – however as you approached and aligned with the wands, your way was fixed and immovable; the wind can snap such a force. As you have been released, you are free again to sway in the forces around you and feel the strength of the flow. We also protect those who wish to be transformed – we stand witness to their change and hold this place as sacred and holy for all who come here. We protect from the elements and remind people that their path to balance can include help from outside themselves. We are the helpers.”

“Thank you.” I say. Then I turn to the card as a whole:

“If you are reversed then what would you mean?” I ask.

Then we are the continued struggle and the avoidance of taking the sanctuary and space needed. We are the pattern of over-work – the workaholic, the stressed executive and the fear of taking the finger off the pulse even for a moment. The force is not being recognised. To right the card you must stop, and allow all to fall, as you go within. When you return from your sanctuary then there will be a new light on the situation and you will be guided more easily to find the balance in your life you need but were not seeking consciously until this point. It can also mean illness forces this rest and retreat as the body’s shouting for attention – stress no longer being maintainable. It is also a sign of not being able to ask for the help that is standing by. Ask and you will receive.”

“Thank you for your wisdom – I appreciate your message and love the peace you show in the long barrow and the lessons you all offer here.” I say and leave the card.


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