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Journey Into: 2 of Cups

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and am drawn to the magpie and see his stark contrasting black and white feathers. I see the rainbow behind him as if the storms are over and things are black and white now. There is something almost intangible passing between the two cups. I think this journey may be interesting.

I walk into the card.

I find my feet in shallow cool water. I am barefoot and like the feeling upon my feet and ankles of the water’s coolness and also fluidity. The floor of the pool seems soft and strong. I have a sense that the grounding for the energy of this card is secure, and that emotions can flow freely and are neither overwhelming nor uncomfortable. There seems to be some form of choice, or control, about how things are handled here. A sense of having a handle on the world and so anything can be dealt with. I step out of the pool onto the warm grass and look more closely at the two cups and what they are exchanging.

“Do you have a message for me?” I ask them.

“Yes, we are full of love; we are able to give and receive this effortlessly there is not feeling of scarcity or doubt – just the security and knowing that everything is as it should be. What passes between us is like the love you see between two people – you can see the love there and yet you cannot – it is not just a set of actions or a way of behaving – but an exchange of something finer than that – an energy and you can liken it to auric energy. The exchange of fine love energy between people can almost be seen physically – though for most it is just understood and known. We represent this openness; this giving and receiving in a situation. It can be a love relationship or another type of relationship where there is harmony between the beings connecting or interacting. Each is not fearful of how things will be or could be, just happy enjoying how things are in the present. By being in the present moment much joy is experienced and good events and things are attracted towards each person.”

“Thank you.” I say. “I understand – I can see the essence between you on this card; gravity seems to have lost its hold and there is a feeling of what is within you being poured out and shared between you in a union and the rest of the world looks quite different through this activity.”

“I can see also you are both positioned to receive, not only from each other, but from other sources if necessary – fed by the Universe – not dependant on this sharing with each other, merely enjoying its reality in the moment.” I continue.

“Yes indeed, you have our essence,” They reply “but remember too we are able to have this exchange because of the stability and groundwork that is beneath us. This space is sacred and safe; we are able to harvest what we have sown in earlier times.” They seem to direct me to the fields of corn about ready for harvest and the poppies.

I ask the poppies:

“You are very strong, what do you bring here?”

“We represent the potential for intoxication in love; the feeling of bliss love brings upon us and how this can help us overcome great difficulties. We also are relevant when reversed, as it is the illusion of love that is playing here and the reality is not being seen, as if a drug were taken to avoid the truth. Those who seek the feeling of love for its own sake rather than the active reality of love, which goes through truth and difficulty, strengthened by the struggles. We are also the illusion someone might feel who has been in a relationship for a long time and no longer questions the true reality of their lives. The stable floor is now upside down and perhaps tears would be appropriate, yet they continue to pretend that all is well rather than facing the challenges and using them to further deepen the love the relationship was initially founded on, so righting the card – using the ground as support rather than attempting to feel the love in suspension.”

“Thank you poppies what you say is very interesting to me.” I say.

I walk through the fields of corn towards the rainbow that draws me in the distance. I see the magpie flying around me. “Do you have a message for me?” I ask.

“Yes you know in love the truth is clear, when you feel fuzzy then you know the truth has not been found. Seek the truth, and harmony will follow, even if discord has to be faced. I talk here of the truth having being found – unless I am reversed. The rainbow you are drawn to is the beauty of the resolution of conflict between two people who really have love at the core of their being. Though the love energy can be felt as wondrous and uplifting – love is much more than just a feeling of goodness, it is also a working for the truth; an accepting of all that is and an acknowledgement that one’s part in the all that is is important, however small it may seem. Love is powerful, even in the smallest doses.”

“Thank you magpie. What of your tendency towards all that sparkles?” I ask.

“It is my nature – who I am – I am neither better nor worse for having this as my character. I allow myself to be drawn to what attracts me and this is how I am – my message for you in this is that those you are attracted to, though may not all be gold, the following of what draws you leads you to love ultimately, as your attraction shows what part of you is sparkling – you see that in the other before yourself. As you embrace the other and love them, so you come to love these elements in yourself. You may wish for more than just this and once integrated you move onwards, however you needed to go towards your ‘sparkly thing’ in order to learn what you needed to draw someone who you can connect with on deeper and deeper levels. There is no fault in love’s attraction, though often judgement is placed there. I am saying too do not fault yourself, but love and love, as you do know what, and who, you love is a reflection of yourself and you will continue to grow in love and attract the same developed love to you.”

“I appreciate your teachings here magpie – thank you again.”

I look to the rainbow:

“I am the learning of the lesson, the beauty and harmony of colours, of all sides of your nature, seen and viewed in another’s reflection. Coming together to publicly show beauty. How much beauty is seen as you love your partner, with all sides of yourself, and they with all sides of themselves – each side consciously aware and openly expressed. This truly brings a love that is deeper than the ‘first flush of love’.”

“Love in the wider sense of harmonious workings with others; each connection and interaction we have with another is a vehicle for the expression of spiritual love, love in its highest form is the working through of difficulty, to maintain respect and independence for oneself at the same level as another. This is the challenge of this card. ”

“Thank you.” I say – not sure quite who I am talking to at this point. I feel a little overwhelmed with the information here and I find myself floating upward, and then my heart is offered to the sunshine. I feel light of self confidence is being beamed into my heart chakra and healing past hurts and pains; replacing any attachments with love and a sense of freedom. I allow and embrace this process. I gently come to lie on the ground in the middle of a crop circle in the field of simple circles and I hear a sound as if it is going round and round me. I feel I am receiving a healing through this too and a rejuvenation. I stay here a while.

Then I stand up and walk towards the way I came in. I feel refreshed and renewed and much clearer than I was. I feel someone take my hand in love as I leave the card in peace.


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