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Keywords: 8 of Cups

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

8 of Cups – Key Words

Abandonment; over work; fears of being judged; making way for the new; release and transformation of the old; fertile ground; making space for oneself; illness created by stress; time out; aloneness; desire to share; solitude; taking higher view for perspective; unclear vision directly ahead; past experiences feeding progress forward; unconscious consolidation time; using the ‘gold’ of your previous struggles; strength; integration through aloneness; follow your desires however hard it might feel; sadness of letting go; peacefulness; contemplation.

8 of Cups Reversed

Going in circle; hard to let go; fear of being alone; panic; burn out; surrounding oneself with people to avoid oneself; not allowing time to catch up with oneself; extended illness; fear of being vulnerable – when vulnerability is needed.

8 of Cups Transformational Potential

When this card comes into your spread it is time to take a step back from life and spend some time going within. Focus on what you truly desire and what you might have to let go of to achieve this. It is worth doing, as success will come when you reduce your stress and honour your own path. You may find it is a time to explore your fears around being independent, being judged if you do your own thing, and fears of lack. You may also find a cold or illness helps you take the time you need.

8 of Cups Questions

What things are taking your energy and not giving anything back to you? Now it is time to have the courage to let these things go.

When we love someone who gives nothing back to us we exhaust ourselves and it points to a lack of believing we deserve love. Do any of your relationships fit into this category? Can you allow yourself to say no to all your giving and choose again?

What does your life look like if your view it from a higher perspective?

What fears are stressing you at this time? Dig deep into yourself to find their original roots and heal this area.

8 of Cups Suggestions

Take some time out of your normal routines to consider your current situation and where you would like to be going in the longer term.

Take some time to rest more and do less.

Honour your body in its needs for food, rest and exercise.

Be open and vulnerable with those you care about without expecting them to make anything different.

8 of Cups Affirmations

I trust in myself.

I say no to situations and people that are not for my highest good.

I am happy to be myself.

I am unique.

I drop my self judgements.


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