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Key Words: 10 of Cups

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

10 of Cups – Key Words

Holding all knowledge; appreciation of self; appreciation of achievements; harvest; honouring ones past; pleasurable work; gratitude; life flowing well; success and the seed of the new beginning; consolidating knowledge and achievements; strong base for the future; fertility; prosperity; adaptation; overcoming all obstacles; nourishment; wholesomeness; accomplishments in daily life; reward after hard work; self love manifested externally; rest; joyfulness; celebration.

10 of Cups – Reversed

Moving on too quickly; lack of gratitude; need for awareness of progress; rushing; avoidance of recognition; fear of success; wrong timing for starting something; addiction to work; work hard driver.

10 of Cups – Transformational Potential

When this card has come into your spread it is time to celebrate your successes and enjoy the prosperity you have worked so hard for. Appreciate all you have and you will attract more in the next cycle. It is time for family, for gathering, for recognising one another’s efforts in all you are striving for. Gratitude is a powerful energy and it is time to express it. Reduce your workload and take stock of how far you have come, enjoy the moment for it will pass and the new will begin soon enough.

10 of Cups – Questions

How can you best celebrate your success?

Are you aware of how far you have come?

What prevents you from feeling fulfilled? Now you can release this too.

What further do you need to harvest from your experiences?

10 of Cups – Suggestions

Write a gratitude journal. Be grateful for something every day – however small.

Organise a celebration with friends and family to honour all the results of your hard work.

Look back over your life and see how much you have changed; how much stronger you are and how you have used all challenges in a positive way later on.

10 of Cups – Affirmations

My life works.

I am grateful for all life has sent me.

I recognise my success and the efforts I made to get here.

I share my success with all around me.


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