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Shout Out: Sasha Fenton

Written by: Chloe McCracken / Inner Whispers

Sasha Fenton will be the one of the speakers at TABI’s Conference this July!  Get to know her a bit better, with this glimpse into her life and loves: 
Writing is second nature to me, so it is no problem for me to write an “autobiography” for you now!!!

One – Which Card is Mine?

The card I have always seen as representing me is the Queen of Wands. Any Tarot deck will do.

Two – Tarot Cards

In 1973 I started to use my astrology and palmistry skills to earn some much needed extra money for the family, and a couple of years later, some of my regular clients suggested that I learn to read Tarot. I didn’t even know where to find a deck, let alone learn how to read the cards but then two strange things happened.

My mother worked in a gift shop, and in November 1975 the shop started to stock a boxed set of the Swiss Tarot, containing a deck of cards, a small book and a sheet of paper with the Celtic Cross on it. Knowing my interest in such things, Mum bought it for me. At that time I had a part-time job as a filing clerk, so the next day, I took the kit to work for a friend to help me try out during our lunch hour.

Just when we had spread the paper and the cards out on my desk the “big boss” walked in. Tarot was considered “occult” in those days, which meant my friend and I could easily be sacked for bringing such things to work, but then things went from bad to worse. The big boss marched briskly over to my desk, and picked up the kit and walked out with it, saying, “Come to my office tomorrow at one o’clock, both of you.” My friend and I were sure we were in trouble.

The next day, we knocked nervously on the big boss’s door, and when we went in, we were astonished to see the boss sitting at the boardroom table with the paper containing the Celtic Cross design on it. He told us both to sit down, whereupon he proceeded to give my pal a reading, and then he read for me. The accuracy of his reading knocked us both for six, but as the next couple of years went by, the amazing quality of the boss’s reading became even more obvious.

I was hooked… but I soon discovered that the Rider Waite was a much better deck than the partially illustrated Swiss Tarot.

Three – Character

In 1983 I went through a bad time, so to distract myself I set about writing a book on how to read the Tarot cards. The few books that existed in those days went to a lot of pains to describe the illustrations on the cards, with hardly any explanation of what the cards actually meant. I couldn’t see any purpose in this, because anyone who wanted to see what was on the card could simply look at the illustrations in the book.

As it happened, I had amassed a good deal of data from years of reading Prediction Magazine allied to eight years of giving Tarot readings. I decided not to link my book to any particular deck or waste time describing the pictures, but to focus on giving an in-depth explanation of the meaning of each card and to show the reader how to use their deck. I sent a synopsis and sample chapters to several publishers, and a few weeks later, the editor at The Aquarian Press phoned to tell me that he wanted to take the book. I was ecstatic!

They put the book into their “Fortune Telling by” series, and I have since written 132 non-fiction books and three novels.

In the mid 1990s I went to South Africa on a book and lecture tour, and I met Jan there. My first husband died soon after, and Jan and I married, started Zambezi Publishing and have been working together ever since.


When I was earning good money, I fulfilled a dream of learning to fly a light plane, and I even had a go at flying a Jumbo Jet on a simulator!

I love both classical music and pop, and I will read almost anything that comes my way. I’ll watch any film or TV documentary on history or geography, along with detective dramas.

I have a tiny courtyard garden and I find growing salad and veg relaxing.

I love to cook and will eat absolutely anything, but being diabetic, I restrict sugar and white flour.

I like cats and dogs but don’t have any pets at present.

Although I have used a computer since they first became available, I am not great with technology and I rarely use my mobile phone. I can’t knit either.

Apart from my husband, daughter and granddaughters, the most important part of my life is writing. I live inside my head and work on my novels whenever I have the time.

Talks and Workshops

Overcoming Tarot Problems

Sometimes it’s difficult to link cards together to find the story hidden inside them, and this is especially so for beginners, so I show ways of getting past this blockage. This doesn’t detract from those who are so psychic that they don’t really need the cards at all, but it does help those who need to understand what the cards are trying to say.

After showing the group the techniques, I use special oversized cards, which each person in the room in turn picks out, and everyone in the room uses the techniques to give mini-readings, and to exchange ideas and to get feedback from the volunteers.

How to Write a Tarot Book – or Indeed, Any Kind of Book

Jan usually joins in for this one, and we have to start by giving information, but all down the line we get the group thinking and joining in all along the way. We encourage questions and there are always lots for us to answer.


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