Sacred Circle,  Swords

Journey into: 2 of Swords

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

Continuing her series, Emma Sunerton-Burl looks into the cards of The Sacred Circle Tarot, by Anna Franklin and Paul Mason, published by Llewellyn:

I look at the card and it seems very simple, there are two swords on it facing in opposite directions across the scene which shows the view of a landscape over miles of rolling hills and cultivated fields. In the foreground in a stone circle.

I walk into the card.

I find myself on the top of a hill looking over a vast panoramic landscape – it is windy and feels wild, an overcast day, not bitterly cold, but there’s a nip in the air. Just down the hillside I see the stone circle and walk over to it. I ask if I may enter to understand its energy and uses.

As I walk into the circle there is a feeling of calm and sacredness that comes over me and I feel that there is a powerful accumulation of earth energy here.

“What are you representing in this card?” I ask as I stand in the middle and feel its power.

“We are the stones of protection and grounding. We bring conflicts into focus and allow practical solutions and clarity of expression between opposing forces. The energy you feel that has been focused here, is that of the Earth, of Gaia herself. She shows people the error of their ways in a way that they can accept and so move on from their self-created traps. It is a place where people come for clarity and for healing of relationships, as well as their own relationship with themselves. I ask if I can experience some of this healing power as I feel I am in need of it right now.

“Indeed you may walk round the circle itself, touching each stone and allow yourself to receive messages from each relating to your circumstance, then return to the middle here and you will be able to let go of what you need to and become whole again.” “Thank you – that sounds wonderful.” I reply.

I start my walk to the first stone, I get the message “The beginnings were in error you did not see your own self worth in the situation. But this error was only a lesson to behold – the journey was not incorrect.”

I allow the message to sink in and then move forward. “Forgive yourself, your self love can redeem you.”

I move forward. “There is a sharing that was necessary and as you hold to your own path and strength then another can also hold to theirs. The shared journey brings each person rewards.”

I move on again “Love is the most powerful force in the universe, it can conquer all – even the most entrenched conflict can be resolved through the energy of love. Remember the love in all situations – for yourself, all others and all peripheral situations. Love is a force stronger than steel.”

I breathe in love and the move on again. “Right action following this brings peace. You know what to do and what not to. Allow your love to be manifest in actions rather than words. Acceptance rather than judgement and demands.”

I move on and feel at this next stop I need to give. “I give thanks to the Earth for its support and love for me and its containment for all.” I say.

I move back to the start and then to the centre of the circle and contemplate all I have heard.

I feel sad at what has been taken from me and I hear the words “let go” softly spoken in my ears. I let go and focus on loving myself as I am. I feel loving healing energy coming from each of the stones and healing me deeply and I realise as I let go that none of what I have experienced was ultimately in my control and that my own leaning off centre, rather than standing in my own power, was the error I made. I did not stand tall, gently confident in my own self. Everything had to unfold the way it did and my own reactions were all I had the power to control.

I allow this to sink in as I receive more healing and let go of the feeling that I was to blame and that it was somehow my fault.

I look upwards at the two swords and see that they are well used and have seen bloodshed. I see that they are no longer crossed one over another and now are pointing in different directions but have a harmony of balance between them; there is an agreement to disagree, an acceptance of differing views and ways, and with this, peace reigns over the land. I drift upwards towards them and see the magnificent view all around and see how this is the larger picture that can now be seen with this new found peace. This larger picture can encompass all points of views and all perspectives, it is only differences and none need to impinge upon another.

The wars were fought as the differences were perceived but not understood. The resolution came with the logical, mental understanding of the differences, and then applying this to the emotional world the fighting came from.

From the one where all unites, came the two, and thus with the two came the conflict, here we resolve that conflict and learn to live in the duality of physical reality.

“Thank you circle and swords – I feel I have been shown much and given much. Is there anything else you wish to share with me about your meaning?” I ask the card’s elements as a group.

The landscape has a voice and says:

“We show the order and cultivation of wildness, though the winds still run wild here and we do not tame everything. We have been able to order the landscape in a way that brings peace with the acceptance of difference, different needs, different ways of being. The fields belong to different people, though the land can not truly be owned, it accepted its divisions as a peace-bringing tool to allow differing approaches and desires to be lived through in the physical world.”

“I, the wind, show the change of the universal energy; that whilst agreements can be made to bring peace sometimes there is a deeper impulse that brings destruction, change and wildness as a necessary force in someone’s life to ensure the comfort of peace. When agreement is not truly serving those who made the agreement, then it can be broken for the development of all. Sometimes I am only a reminder of the possibility – when I blow like a gentle breeze, other times I rage and bring down barriers and walls to nudge people into rethinking the way they have segregated their life and interactions, to challenge them to be truer to themselves than they are currently being.”

“Thank you oh wind and land – your messages are important to me.”

“And if you are reversed?” I ask.

“Well then the conflict is not truly resolved, and more digging and wind is needed to bring clarity about. Communicate and state your needs, be like the wind, and challenge the lines drawn out. Do not settle for a false peace or compromise that does not truly honour your spirit. As you stop avoiding conflict with someone and tackle the situation head on, then movement is made and peace can truly follow. As you avoid, you intensify the feelings of anger and rage in both yourself and those around, as each spirit strives for the highest expression possible, in the face of walls of repression from fear. Send yourself, and all involved, love and address the situation again.”

“Thank you so much.” I say. I am aware the messages here can apply to many situations and aspects. I feel I have been given a very useful blueprint.

I look around the card again and it does still seem very simple and clear in its message but also now I feel its power. I am filled with appreciation of its healing ability.

I thank all aspects of the card and turn to leave in gratitude.


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