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Shout Out: Mick Frankel

Written by: Chloe McCracken / Inner Whispers

Another speaker at this year’s TABI Conference in July is Mick Frankel.  Here, he tells us a little about himself and what his workshop will offer:

King of Cups
Tarot Illuminati: Lo Scarabeo

1. Which card would you describe yourself with and why?

The King of Cups: I’d like to think that I’m someone who understands the world of feelings a little bit. Also, my beard is going grey.

2. When, how and why did you start to use the tarot?

Until my late thirties, I was never interested in Tarot. In fact, I was a bit apprehensive of it. All those mediaeval images and such, it had a sort of Hammer Horror, “Tales From The Crypt” feeling for me. I steered well clear of it.

In the 1990s with the arrival of the Internet and e-mail, I joined a community of people who were interested in the I Ching and met some extraordinary men and women. But at times, someone would write something like, “This was a real five of Pentacles moment” or “It’s like the nine of Wands”.

My heart sank a bit but I realised that it was time to get to know those scary Tarot cards so that I would know what everyone else was talking about.

And so, someone got me a present of the 1JJ Swiss Tarot which is still my favourite deck and the one that I prefer to use for my professional readings. And then I joined TABI. The mentorship program was crucial for me in gaining confidence as a reader. TABI has been great for me.

3. Please give a short bio of yourself. You could include family, hobbies, work, achievements, favourite food/movie/music, tarot… whatever you think is good to know about you!

I live in Cheshire just outside of Manchester, but I’m actually an example of Essex man.

I’ve always been fascinated by dreams for as long as I can remember. I’ve been interested in astrology since I was a teenager when I learnt about the basics of the 12 Sun signs. It seemed to fit with my experience of my friends and my family. I think that most of my understanding of the Sun signs comes from personal observation and not just from books.

Favourite food: Kitsune udon

Favourite film: Cinema Paradiso

Favourite music: The Blues

4. Please give a short summary of what you are going to speak about at TABI’s Conference in Birmingham!

It’ll be a workshop on the seven traditional planets and their possible correspondences with seven of the Tarot Trumps.
I’m planning to make it nice and interactive and everyone will be encouraged to contribute from the start.
The workshop will finish with a ritual that I’m writing with seven people playing the roles of the planets.
Hope to see you there!


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