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Book Review: Crystal Grids: How to Combine and Focus Crystal Energies to Enhance Your Life

Reviewed by Venus

I’ve been a lover of crystals for years, and you can’t go into a room in my house without seeing any. I even have them in my garden!

I know a little about crystal grids, and I have crystals in each corner of my house. However, I’ve always wanted to learn more, and I saw this book as an excellent way to broaden my knowledge.

On first opening this book, and as excited as I was, I was greeted with pages of information. The wording was a little hard to grasp, with long sentences. I decided the best way to get the most out of this book was to read a little at a time, and sometimes re reading bits.

The book, however, is in several chapters, starting with information about crystal energy lattices, and which crystals are best to use in different grids. The following chapters are amongst my favourite, where you learn about different crystal colours and their meanings. I certainly felt like a novice when reading, but I learnt a lot.

There are in depth chapters that inform you about grid designs, and elements. After taking all that information in, you are then ready to start! Well you need a few things first. You need to decide what grid you are going to do, and ensure you have enough of those crystals. Next find a suitable place, and of course a wand to activate the grid.

I found it really useful to learn how to use a crystal grid, and there are 29 different grids to use, depending on the situation.

I decided to look at each grid, and see which one I felt would be most useful in my situation. The grids I really liked were: The Acceptance Grid, The Balance Crystal Grid, and The Home Blessing Grid. In fact, I think throughout my life, I could use every grid!

I decided that I’d like to try the Dispel Negative Energy Grid. I like to keep myself and my home balanced, but as I have people popping in everyday I know how easily I feel their anguish, negativity and stress.

Each grid is explained over two pages. On the first page, you have a diagram of the grid, and an explanation of why it is necessary and how it can help. The Dispel Negative Energy Grid is a hexagon, which is the elemental design of the universal life force. On the second page, you are given instructions on the stones, and the focus stone, which is the stone in the centre of the grid, and is a vibrant turquoise stone. This stone will calm your negativity and aid you in having new perspectives.

The ‘way’ stones go in a hexagon around the focus stone. The five stones needed to be dark yellow rays as they bring optimism, energy, and aid with happiness. They replace negativity around you with warmth.

The final five stones, placed around the way stones are the desire stones. These stones are chrysocola, and they will clear negativity, bringing a strong dispelling energy.

There is also a piece at the bottom about daily use. This piece of information I found really useful, as just putting a grid together and leaving it there won’t give you the desired outcome you want.

I have had this grid on my window for two weeks now, and my house feels calmer. A friend commented on how calm it felt in my house. So in my opinion I would say this grid worked. My cat seems calmer as well!!  I’d recommended if you have an interest in crystals, get this book. Don’t be put off by all the information, as the results you get will be worth it!

Authors: Henry M. Mason & Brittani Petrofsky

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