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Review of Fairy Tale Lenormand

Review by Amanda Jones

I was very excited to receive the Fairy Tale Lenormand deck.  It comes in a very tough tin which is beautifully decorated in the style of a Fairy tale book. It is a handy size: easy to carry in the palm of your hand or to fit into your handbag.
Inside you get the deck, obviously, and an instruction booklet.
The deck is very pretty, all the pictures depicting the fairy tale story they’re based on. The images are all in vivid colours, which makes each card very eye catching in their own way.
The backs also are very beautifully done as you can see from the photographs, which is usual for Lenormand decks. I have yet to find one that isn’t beautiful back and front.
The booklet that comes with it is very nicely done and I was intrigued with the way each explanation and meaning of the card in question was woven around a classic fairy tale. It gives you fairy tales we all remember from our childhood, as well as tales from all around the world, and also life lessons.
As well as the meanings, the booklet contains different spread explanations.
I found I couldn’t put this down and read each and every story, the meanings of each card were very clear and well written.
The cards themselves besides the illustrations are a little on the thin side but seem to be very durable and strong, they shuffle nicely and fit in your hand perfectly.
 It is a 38 card deck with extra lady and gentlemen cards, so you can choose whichever you’d like to use. All the artwork is done in Lisa Hunt’s signature style, very beautiful. It has a small border around each card, but does not distract from the cards symbols.
The booklet is by Arwen Lynch. She explains in it that on creating this deck Lisa Hunt had to simplify the illustrations from her usual very detailed style.
I have spent the last week doing readings with this deck and I can say its been a pleasure to use, I think this deck is ideal for beginners, more expert Lenormand users, and also a great first deck for a younger person to own. My 11 year old granddaughter has also been fascinated with it, and has had fun doing readings for family with it. 
Included are pictures of this lovely fantasy based Lenormand deck. Take a look and you’ll see what I mean, it’s been wonderful receiving and exploring this deck. 
Artwork by Lisa Hunt
Author Arwen Lynch
Publisher U.S. Games
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