Card Meanings,  Sacred Circle

Key Words: 5 of Swords

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

5 of Swords

Hope; end of difficulties; reflection after battle; holding onto dreams; finding love in difficult situations; facing the challenge; overcoming weakness; strength from the past; overcoming old thought patterns; overcoming self sabotage; defeating old habits; attention to physical needs in times of stress; calling on inner strengths; allowing time to heal; changing circumstances for the better; optimism.

5 of Swords Reversed

Stuckness; resistance; attachment to the battle; fear of movement forward; lack of flexibility; pessimism; self-defeating behaviour; lack of nourishment; self destructiveness; repeating old patterns of behaviour.

5 of Swords Transformational Potential

When this card comes into your reading it is time to let go of the battle and recognise that the worst is now over. There is only recovery and renewal to come. Let go of any tendency to think negatively about the situation and allow yourself to have hope in the future. Love is around for you to give to yourself if you look. It can also point to a need to let go of negativity in your attitude stemming from difficulties in the past rather than events in the present. Now is the time to put these patterns to rest.

5 of Swords Questions
  1. What old ways of thinking do you now need to let go of?
  2. What strengths can you draw upon at this time to help you over the last hurdle?
  3. What fears keep you stuck in old ways? You have the opportunity to let go of these too.
  4. In what way are you self-destructive? You have the opportunity to let go of this now.
5 of Swords Suggestions
  • Pick a card for what your life will look like when you let go of your fears.
  • Write out your dreams and hopes for the future and place them somewhere you can see them regularly.
  • Send love to the old part of yourself for creating the patterns it has, as it kept you safe at one time in the past, then allow yourself to create a new day with different ways of being.
5 of Swords Affirmations

In accepting the difficult I find the solution.

I trust my strength.

It is safe to explore conflict to find the root.

I allow myself to take the time I need.

I let go of the old ways of thinking and renew my life.


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