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Key Words: 6 of Swords

Written by: Emma Sunerton-Burl

6 of Swords

Peace; flow; prosperity; money available; following path of the heart and meaning; understanding; nourishment for the emotions; solace; lightness of spirit; transformation through work with inner messages; freedom; peacefulness; still mind; clarity; knowledge; intellectual course; training of mind; balancing of inner forces; confidence in intellect

6 of Swords Reversed

Blocked intellectual potential; fear of not being good enough; fear of change; addiction to drama; allowing emotions to confuse; resistance to using logic; lack of faith in own intellect and understanding; negative expectations about tests and exams.

6 of Swords Transformational Potential

When this card comes into your spread then it is time to allow your inner peace to affect your life. It may be time to embark on some sort of technical training course which, though mentally challenging, would also be rewarding, as you stretch your own ability to understand and know. There is an end to your troubles available if you allow yourself to move on and embrace a new way of being.

6 of Swords Questions

  1. What fears prevent you from using your intellect to its fullest? Now is the time to address these and let them go. You can pick a card for what your life will look like if you embrace your mental capacity and power to learn.
  2. What is calling you next? What training do you need to achieve your dream?
  3. How can you best enjoy the solace this time offers you?

6 of Swords Suggestions

  • Seek out how you might fulfil your dreams even if they seem ambitious; finance and practicalities will follow as you search for what your heart desires.
  • Recognise how much you already know, perhaps list the things you have learned at and since school, both through lessons and also through experience. How might you continue your education?
  • Honour your mental self – use affirmations to help you overcome any negative thoughts you may still have in this area.
  • Take time to celebrate your achievements

6 of Swords Affirmations

My intellect serves me and my heart.

Logic and intuition are in balance as I move forward in life.

All knowledge adds to my understanding of the world.

I follow what has heart and meaning.

I learn from those who have gone before me.

I integrate what I know in my own unique way and use it in service to others.


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Emma has a Bsc in Psychology and is a trained counsellor, counselling supervisor and trainer. She integrates this experience in her Tarot work, and in her self-written training courses for personal development, Tarot, and Tarot mentoring.

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