Reviewed by Venus

Having this deck already on my birthday wish list, I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to review it. I usually use RWS decks, as I feel very comfortable with them. Still, I have often been reminded you should get a deck that draws you in, and this deck did not disappoint.

The Everyday Witch comes in a lovely sturdy box with a magnetic side, so it closes well and you do not drop the cards out. Inside is a detailed A5 book, with the 78 full-colour cards underneath.

Before using the deck, I wanted to become familiar with it, so spent a few hours going through the book. It is not in colour, but to me this does not matter. It first explains each of the majors, and after each card there is a page to write notes. I found the note section useful to make bullet points. The cards have a sheen to them, but this does not make them slippery to hold.

After sleeping with the deck under my pillow, to pass my energy onto it, I started thinking about what spread would be most beneficial. I decided to do the spread ‘What do I need to know’, as this is a spread I often do when feeling a bit lost. This spread helps focus on a situation that is happening at present, or is soon to arise.

I said my mantra, shuffled the cards and dealt them out. I looked at each card individually and then read them as a whole. I was astounded at how accurate they were, talking about a situation that had just started. The cards gave me helpful information as to the best way to handle the situation, and this focused me and helped me to resolve it quickly.

However, even though my reading was accurate, I wanted to try it on someone else, that I didn’t really know. That way, I could make sure none of my own thoughts and feelings interrupted the reading. A friend brought her friend round, someone I had never met. As she had no set question, I did the same spread as I used before. Again, I read the cards individually and as a whole. As I did not know the person, I was reading exactly from the cards, and I was shocked the person was so tearful, and commented that she had never had such an accurate reading.

I never thought I’d change from RWS decks, but after the few readings I’ve already done, I’m sold!!!


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Reviewed by Venus

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