Lighthearted Lookaheads

Light-hearted Lookahead: 10 of Pentacles

Written by: Rachel 47 (aka Rachel Gregory)

Now, I live in a small village where people love nothing more than a chat (aka gossip) when they pass one another in the street.  Is that what’s going on in this card?  Possibly – although traditionally the imagery is interpreted as a family scene.  Either way, it’s a lovey vista, with lots of sunshine and everyone involved looking quite content and pleased with their lot.  Sunshine in March?  Stranger things have happened!  Even if we don’t get the sun though, let’s hope we do receive some of the abundance and warm feelings invoked by this card.

So, let’s have a light-hearted look at how some of the Ten of Pentacles’ themes could apply to us over the Month ahead, March 2018.  Card buzz words are highlighted in bold.

Enjoying the Rewards of Past Labours

Well, the garden comes to mind with this theme.  Yes – do you remember the garden?  It’s that green thing at the back of the house that’s been a wee bit neglected over the last few months.  Fear not though, dear reader, for if you venture out there I’ll wager you will see some signs of life.  The thing is, when you plant out a garden, all that effort will reward you for years to come.  So, take heart if the back yard is still looking less than ideal.  Spring is fast approaching and herbaceous border bragging rights will soon be yours! In fact, isn’t that you in the card, giving the neighbours the benefit of your green-fingered wisdom?!  Or maybe you’re having a word because next doors’ dogs keep getting through the fence and trampling the begonias…


Could the card be referring to the forthcoming event of Mothers Day, I wonder?  I know the imagery in the card portrays a Patriarch but work with me here and let’s instead imagine it’s Mum sitting on that throne, master of all she surveys.  So, heed this early warning – it’s on Sunday, March 11th this year.  Don’t forget!!  Hope my kids are reading this…..

All Mums should feel justifiably proud of their achievements – after all, they did give bIrth to the legends that are ourselves didn’t they?!  Mother’s Day is an occasion when family ties and shared histories can be celebrated (or bemoaned).  It’s a day for remembering all the hard work that goes into providing for the family’s needs – not to mention the money.  In fact, one of my own offspring gave me a card last year saying, ‘ I can’t begin to pay you back for everything you’ve given me over the years, including the 500 quid I’m about to ask you for’.  Many a true word is spoken in jest I reckon…

Will Mother’s Day go well for us?  Hard to tell without pulling another card, but the Ten of Pentacles does carry with it a real sense of warm family relationships.  Spoil your Mum and what could go wrong?  If you’re a Mother yourself, you can sit at the head of the table and look with pride upon the fruits of your labours (quite literally).


Well, there have been two or three pay days since Christmas, so perhaps we are starting to feel a little more flush during March?  Wealth and affluence may be pushing it a bit, but this card does foretell that we should be feeling more financially secure right now.  Perhaps there will be a little bit of cash left over to add to the retirement nest egg this month? Or maybe it’s time for an investment o start paying off now.  The end of March sees the financial year drawing to its close – could there be a tax rebate on the way? Good fortune is indicated by this card, so you never know.

So, the signs are good for the month ahead!  We should be feeling more contented and secure, and with the first days of Spring approaching there is a sense of completion and accomplishment.  If nothing else, we made it through the winter!!  The Ides of March may be looming, but luck and success are on our side.  Family, abundance and good fortune – who could ask for more?


Deck Used: Radiant Rider-Waite

Month: March 2018

Card Drawn: 10 of Pentacles

Written by Rachel47 aka Rachel Gregory




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