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Mercury moved into the self-starting though sometimes impetuous sign of Aries on March 7th.  The Sun joins Mercury in Aries on 20th  March at 16.17 GMT, the Spring equinox, and the start of the astrological year.  Mercury turns retrograde four days later.

Aries is a Fire sign that likes to get things moving, try new things, take risks, and behave spontaneously, even carelessly.  In some respects the qualities of Aries are not unlike those of the Fool, though the Fool’s astrological connection is with another planet.  In tarot terms Aries relates to Wands.  Some Wand energy is beneficial, think of the Ace, associated with Spring, and numbers 2,3, and 4, but some Wand energy goes astray – think of the remaining numbers.  (Six is a mixed blessing.)  And then don’t forget how Fire energy affects the Court cards.  Mercury in Aries can be a slapdash thinker or  worker, not very logical, full of ideas but not very good at the practicalities of getting something done.  In fact, an Aries will leave getting something done to others. Wands (especially the Courts) have a similar tendency.

Mercury is the planet of the mind, so we are thinking the suit of Swords, and also the Magician and the Lovers.  Mercury turns retrograde on 24th March which means that thought processes can take on the qualities of a reversed Sword card.  A reversed card of whatever kind can be an indication that the influence of the card is softened or dulled, and this need not be a disaster.  So with Mercury retrograde in a fire sign, while some plans or new projects may be delayed, there is more time to think things out; in fact thinking things out fully will be forced on people at this time.  In a sign like Aries a retrograde Mercury is therefore beneficial.  The slapdash thinking will be slowed down, the rash decisions won’t bear unfortunately ill thought-out fruit.  If you do a reading where you or your querent are looking at a project and have drawn some energetic Wands and some practical Pentacles, which looks promising, and then you get some reversed Swords, you would probably reconsider, or put the project on hold just for a short time.  The reversed Sword/Air cards are advising you to think again and look at your plan more carefully.   What might you have left out?  This is the same as how a retrograde Mercury in Aries influences our daily lives.

While Aries’s (or the Wands’) influence on conversations and connections can lead to impulsive words or actions, a retrograde Mercury (reversed Sword) will reduce this tendency and make things easier for social/professional interchange.  Spontaneous or spur-of-the-moment arrangements may not go as hoped, but that does not mean you should not attempt them.  Just be ready for your arrangement to go differently from what you planned.  Any plans or decisions may have to be put on hold or their start delayed during this period, which will give time to consider them properly, but only until mid April when Mercury turns direct on the 16th (and the Swords turn upright again!)  Momentum will recover slowly at first until Mercury returns to the degree of Aries where it first turned retrograde which will be on 4th May.

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