Tarot Beginnings

Tarot Beginnings: Juli

Written by: Juli

As a child, I felt special when my gran told me to wait for the five-minute Horoscope slot on TV. Gran and I shared the same star sign and I was filled with wonder that somebody I’d never met knew so much about me. Perhaps this is where my liaison with the Tarot really started, though it was fifteen years before I owned my first deck. It was a reluctant gift from my now ex-husband who like many felt that tarot cultivated bad luck. I decided the cards looked great in my bookcase next to a set of Indian nesting dolls I’d had for many years.

I was very prolific with readings, everybody who knew me got one but what I saw and what I said were two different things. One evening a friend insisted I read the cards for her and as I turned each one over I saw divorce, an awful accident and years of general misery. The predicted events did actually unfold in time and It wasn’t long before my family started blaming my tarot for the bad luck that seemed to surround all of us.  To add more stress to the situation the deck kept hiding from me with the rest of the family constantly denying they had moved it. Then one day it disappeared and I thought that was the end of my Tarot affair.

Much of my focus then turned to my Indian Dolls, my husband would comment on how much he hated them and I have to say that sometimes when I looked at them I could see anger on their faces. A local Indian newsagent explained to me that it was possible that a Guru had put a spell on my dolls. I couldn’t help laughing it seemed so far-fetched especially when he said that the dolls would never hurt me as they would consider me their mistress but would be jealous and cruel to anyone else. About twelve months later I was in a bookshop and saw a beautiful Indian Tarot deck. It came home with me and from the beginning gave good vibes. I could perform readings without wallowing in bad news and it was sometime later that I made a connection. Could it be that my dolls hated my old Rider-Waite deck but my new cards with an Indian connection were very acceptable to them! On the other hand, Perhaps my Rider-Waite deck was to blame for all the upset after all I’d witnessed first hand the unease of handling them.

When I divorced some years ago my tarot and dolls were packed away and it was some time before I saw them both again. Imagine my shock as I started unpacking in my new house, there in a box was my old Rider-Waite deck. I will admit I was quite scared to remembered the chaos they once caused. I decided firmly that I would keep them but never use them. However, I couldn’t resist just one reading and they are now my main reading deck. They speak directly to me in a way that none of my other decks do and these days even my dolls seem to approve.

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