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Shout Out: Karen Wiederhold

Written by Karen Wiederhold

Hi there, my name is Karen Wiederhold, and you will see me out and about on the TABI forum as myself (no username) and elsewhere on social media as Kaleidoscope Tarot.

My role within TABI is as the Secretary, so you’ll find me busy with administration tasks, supporting the Chairperson, assisting with conference planning, responding to enquiries and requests, managing TABI’s overall social media presence as well as updating and monitoring the TABI Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr accounts.

I was born in South Africa to my Scottish parents and grew up there until moving to the UK 18 years ago.  My family tree is a mixture of Scottish, Irish, Swedish and Finnish peoples, and this really shapes who I am in my interests and fascination, even though I grew up as an African child. I’m lucky to have the sounds and colours of Africa in my memories and experiences to add to the kaleidoscope of who I am.

For as long as I can remember I’ve made things. I learned to knit at age five and never stopped knitting after that, adding in crochet, embroidery, beadwork, painting, paper crafting and more over the years. The list can go on and on, but you get the picture. My love of crafting has led me to being a published freelance knitting, crochet and papercraft designer and writer for some of the UK’s craft magazines.

When I’m not writing and designing, you will find me in my sanctuary giving reflexology, reiki, crystal and energy healing treatments or providing support to a local children’s hospice.

My interests are anything to do with crafts, though, especially yarn craft, tarot, reading, baking, gardening, camping and kites.  One of my most treasured items is my stained glass kaleidoscope given to me by my husband. It’s part of a little gathering of kaleidoscopes collected by me since childhood, and I can’t walk past one without losing myself in it.

I know I’ve had a fascination with cards in general from a very early age and always felt they had more use than just for playing games or building incredibly high card towers.  My “falling in love with tarot” moment was seeing Solitaire in a James Bond 007 film with a spread laid out before her. Years later in 1995 I finally had the opportunity to buy my first deck, the Celtic Tarot by Courtney Davis.  For a few years after that it was an on and off love affair with tarot until my move to the UK, and then the rest is history.  Nowadays it’s a love affair in full bloom.  I still have the Celtic Tarot in my collection, and it has a very special place in my heart (even though I struggled to learn tarot with it and sold and repurchased it later – which explains the on and off affair mentioned previously).

The tarot card which describes me best would be the Empress, and it also happens to be my birth card. That said, there are times I’m definitely The Hermit because although I can be outgoing and sociable there is a real need within me to have solitude.

When I need to relax my favourite things to do are to either go out for a lovely meal with my hubby, my sons or friends or to indulge in a silly looking cocktail, take a walk in the woods or by the seaside, and my most favourite of all is to fly my kite. Sun or snow I’ll fly it.

I enjoy being a part of the TABI family and have made some delightful friends, some whom I’ve met at the conferences and others whom I chat with on the forum or group page. I’ve been privileged to have taken part in the TABI course and to have been mentored through the endorsement process too. TABI provides such a welcoming and supportive place to be yourself and to learn.

You’ll find me most active as Kaleidoscope Tarot on Facebook and Instagram so please do visit.  I have a blog, too, but it’s been a little neglected, although I’ve plans to begin working on it soon so feel free to visit it at


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  • Saucy Sailoress

    I love kaleidoscopes too – would sit with mine for hours when I was little. I’d LOVE to see a photo of your stained glass one, that sounds spectacular!!!

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