Tarot Beginnings

Tarot Beginnings: TarotDirections

Written by: TarotDirections / Charmaine Del-Bianco

…..“whether you are frolicking in the light or being dragged down into the underworld by Persephone, it is a Tarot’s Fool’s journey of learning to trust yourself, believing that goodness prevails and that the hand of Fate will take over your life from time to time”…..

The Beginning of My Story…..

The humidity is high.
Got to escape.
I have to go outside.
I let the front screen door bang shut leaving a psychical footprint on the silent nightscape that hung over my head.
I relaxedly let my body plummet to the floor of the front concrete veranda.
My head immediately tilted itself upwards to the heavens.
My eyes lovingly drank in the beauty and peace of the thick night time blanket of twinkling stars together with gazing upon one honeycomb looking Moon, of which I was searching to find either the rabbit in the Moon or the Man in the Moon.
“Dear God can you hear me out there?” I asked and prayed.
“Who are you?”
“Where are you?”
“Who else lives out on those stars?”
“There’s got to be other people out there” I thought as I kept looking at the bright stars in the indigo night sky.
Tears welled up in my eyes.
My heart began to ache.
I was four years of age.

Fast Forward Twelve Years…..
We were now living in a coastal town on the Eastern Coast of New South Wales, Australia.
I am in our home kitchen pacing nervously.

I am waiting for my mother to return home with the good (or bad) news from the psychic tarot reader my mother has gone to visit. This act was taboo in our culture and in our society, at the time. Psychics, tarot readers, mediums were frowned by society upon yet simultaneously placed on an unsaid pedestal close to God. At least, that is the importance my Mother placed on these practitioners of the occult; and that which was passed onto me at that time. I didn’t know any different.

Hence, began my journey into the said and unsaid world of mystery, truth, secrets, falsities, magic and predictions. Alluring and seductive.
The first Tarot deck I bought for myself was the traditional Rider Waite deck together with the exploration of Numerology. I was in my teens.
While I had this Rider Waite Tarot deck I wasn’t really drawn to them and therefore, only explored them lightly. It wasn’t until the buying of my second Tarot Deck, The Mythic Tarot by Liz Greene, that I began to feel comfortable in drawing cards to read in order to solve crossroad dilemmas. It was largely for myself as I kept my Tarot explorations personal and private.

In essence, the Rider Waite and Mythic Tarot deck became my confidantes and support system. The Mythic Tarot deck enabled me to grow and understand the big picture-the Vision goal, while the Rider Waite Tarot deck was better at shedding light on the details of everyday life.

Fast Forward to December 2015……
I didn’t come out of the closet with Tarot until the December 2015 when I undertook a volunteer/student’s role as a free email tarot reader for Biddy Tarot.  Here, payment was in the way of feedback from the Tarot Querents as to how relevant (or not) our tarot readings were for them. As time passed, I grew my connection with the Rider Waite Tarot deck and strengthened my faith in the truth of the tarot revelations. Our statistics (for what they are worth) revealed that about 80% of the time my email tarot readings were relevant to the Querent. I completed this tarot apprenticeship of about 18 months or at least until Biddy Tarot underwent its change from literal knowledge-based tarot interpretations to focusing on the intuitive styled tarot interpretations of the Tarot cards. I was grateful to Brigit for this formal beginning with tarot.

I will let you know in 2014 I spent that year trying to learn the full meanings (both upright and reversed) of the Rider Waite Tarot cards and I failed miserably. I couldn’t rote learn the Tarot. I thought Tarot is not for me. It wasn’t until I eased up on myself and made it okay for me to combine both a feeling/intuitive approach towards the meanings of the tarot cards combined with the literal handed down knowledge of the cards, that reading tarot started to work for me. So, don’t fret if you are starting out and you feel overwhelmed. Be patient and experiment.

Its now 2018 and this is Where I am At with Tarot Readings…..
I now have a modest collection of Tarot cards.  My next challenge will be the Golden Dawn Tarot, which I didn’t connect with. Call me fussy or whatever, but I find it challenging to emotionally connect with tarot decks. It takes time with me. I personally have broken away from the awe, grandeur and magic of what Tarot cards were. Instead I see Tarot Cards or Oracle cards as inspired tools for everyday solutions that will make your heart and mind both happy.

While some Tarotistas frown upon Tarot being a forecasting tool, I disagree. I do like to experiment here. I think Tarot Cards can be a wonderful supportive forecasting tool in the right hands.

I see life right now as being a mixture of Freewill and Fate. By Fate, I mean our Freewill is curbed by the rules or values of one’s society or culture. Hence, to me life is both about freewill and fate/destiny. The Tarot Cards can be a wonderful forecasting tool for start up businesses and birthday years. Tarot Cards are an inspiring tool that works well for producing creative projects needed in writing and artworks. Finally, Tarot Cards and the Divination Arts are tools for gaining clarity and truth, when in well intentioned hands.

I hope you find the goodness in tarot, like I did.
From one Tarotista to another, Peace, Wellness and Prosperity to You.


TarotDirections (Charmaine Del-Bianco) is a Tarot Reader, freelance Poet and Writer. Not to forget someone who loves her native wildlife and pet animals together with being hugged by Morton Bay Fig Trees and drinking café lattes.
You can find Charmaine blogging her poetry and eclectic articles at hubpages.com@threekeys

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