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Shoutout: Mother Pearson

Written by: Paula Pearson / Mother_Pearson

Hello there, my name is Paula Pearson. Mother_Pearson on the forum and also the junior co-chair.

I was born in Kent but now live in Stamford in Lincolnshire and am currently a stay at home mum. Previously I worked mainly in care for the elderly, as a dinner lady and lastly as a senior carer/care coordinator. My interests apart from Tarot are sewing (I enjoy making myself clothes and teddies for my grandbabies), and reading, especially old poetry by John Clare or detective books.

I first had an interest in Tarot back in my teens when I bought my first set of cards. This was never a serious attempt at getting to know the cards as I kept it hidden due to family expectations. I am not sure what sparked my interest but I think it was someone offering readings at the local public house. Then as I was getting near my forties, I needed to give up work and had more free time, so became interested again, and this time I had grown enough in my own skin to be free of previous judgements, and I have loved the Tarot cards ever since. I still have not done readings for a paying customer but when time allows, I would like to join TABI’s endorsement programme to grow.

What card describes me? I would say the Queen of Pentacles. I am nurturing by nature; I get great enjoyment out of raising my children and grandchildren. I have a love of being in nature, growing my own fruit and veg as well as tending to my garden. I am homely and get satisfaction out of providing for others, be it a simple dinner or a place to stay.

My role at TABI is, as I mentioned earlier, as the Junior co-chair to Kati P, and at present it means assisting with the organising and support for this year’s Conference. There is a team of us in regular contact getting all the aspects arranged from speakers to goodie bags and bookings. This will be my first conference and to say I am excited to be surrounded by so many like minded people is an understatement!

I like that I can give back to TABI by volunteering. As I took part in the last set of training run by the group this was such an invaluable asset. I learned so much and it has really helped me understand Tarot and my interpretation of it. The fact that this course is free is amazing. The tutors put in so much work, and all the marking and support they offer must be extremely time consuming.

Looking forward I would like to design and/ or create my own esoteric-based items – placemats, bags, rune stones – and sell them on the internet. I would like to be able to offer readings online too eventually.

Enough about me, I look forward to meeting those joining us at this year’s conference; there are still places available or if you’re not able to attend I will catch you around the forum.

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