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Spread: The 22 Paths

Written by: Magenta

This spread is based on the 22 cards of the Major Arcana. 

The way of laying the cards is a bit complicated, although you do need a large space to lay the cards on!  It forms an increasing spiral pathway, with one card leading to the next.


When interpreting the cards, look for any Major cards that have been laid in their own position.  For example, in the sample spread photograph attached The Tower appears in position 16 so this would amplify the significance of the meaning of the card; in this case very sudden and unexpected events are likely.

The meaning of the cards will be modified or amplified by their position in the spread.   Another example would be position 7, Chariot keywords – movement & willpower.  In the sample spread, the Page of Pentacles appears here.  The suit of Pentacles are generally seen as slow or event static, so this could indicate that any movement in the situation is very slow or even non-existent.

Looking at position 11, Justice keywords – justice & balance, the card in the sample spread is the 6 of Swords.  The interpretation here could be turning your back on something and perhaps cutting your losses.  Maybe seeking justice is not worth the energy needed?

Although this is quite a large spread, it can be applied to most questions and can look at many aspects of the situation.

The other way that the cards can be laid out is in three lines of seven cards starting top left across to the right and with the final 22nd card above the lines or to the side but I think the spiral is more visually appealing.

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  • Coffee Cup Tarot

    I absolutely adore this. I agree theres a better aesthetic the way youve shown though the other way might hopefully br more lenient for smaller spaces! Have to try this

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