Interview with My Deck

Interview With My Deck: Deviant Moon

Written by: ShrinkingSunflower

How would you describe yourself? – Emperor

I am in control. Always. I do not mince my meaning and I won’t baby anyone. If you follow my lead, I will confidently guide you to a better understanding.

What do you think of me? – 9 Swords

An incredible worrier. It doesn’t matter if it’s real or in your head. Several anxieties running at once and it doesn’t matter if it’s big or small. You worry, you panic, you let anxiety override and worst of all, you let it niggle at you constantly – eating and wearing away at you.

What type of readings do you like? – Tower

I like to shine light on people’s troubles even if that light is so intense that it brings their cozy, ivory tower down. It’s not to be vindictive (perhaps a delicious dark smirk at it) but it’s also not with a mollycollying love either. I like to highlight and bring enlightenment.

What type of readings do you dislike? – 2 Cups

I can’t abide by romance and emotion. Not so much the idea of love as it’s an unavoidable tale but I don’t like toasting people’s union or spending time answering the old “will they?” “do they?” “can I have them?” questions. Love should be shrouded in mystery and has it’s skeletons. No one is willing to hear their romance isn’t perfect.

What is your strength? – Magician

I can reveal multiple areas of interest to people and I can bring both order and creativity to people’s lives. I will reveal potential and offer the tools to achieve. I’m also a fan of a little drama and flare. It doesn’t always have to be compassion or seriousness or spirituality. Sometimes all that is needed is a little showmanship.

What is your weakness? – 7 Cups

I’m not much for daydreaming in the hearts desire. I don’t overwhelm in emotion or get lost focusing on just the one aspect – I like to look at the bigger picture. However, sometimes a softer, more caring touch is needed but I can’t do this very naturally.

What can you teach me? – Ace Coins

I can teach you to balance you’re love of tarot and metaphysical in a manner that will allow you to gain. If you have the desire, I can help you have the will and strength to overpower doubts and succeed.

What do you need from me? – King Wands

I need you to be willing to take action, be bold and be willing to fight and conquer. Nothing is gained without needing to take risks and put yourself out there. If you can do that then I can help you to grow.


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  • Tarot Cat

    I love this interview! As a big Deviant Moon fan I almost heard it speaking to me through this post. It’s definitely a straight-talking, cheeky deck.

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