Interview with My Deck

Interview with my Deck: Ghetto Tarot

Written by: Afro Tarot

Hey all, love this idea so I am interviewing my Ghetto Tarot Deck:

1) How would you describe yourself?

High Priestess

I am both strong and calm, I sit on a sea of wisdom and within hold the keys to knowledge.

2) What do you think of me?

The Empress

This card sees me as a creative, innovative and fruitful deck.

3) What type of readings do you like?

8 of Wands

Quick and passionate readings, readings about purpose, love and spirituality

4) What type of readings do you dislike?

The Star

Reading without soul, hope and purpose

5) What is your strength?

10 of Cups

I am a strong deck of positive images for PoC I make them feel part of loving community

6) What is your weakness?

Queen of Pentacles

I do not hold the same imagery as the RWS although I am based on that deck I have my own take on it, therefore, I might not resonate with all

7) What can you teach me?

Wheel of Fortune

That there are always going to be ups and downs in life but you have the power to over come them

8) What do you need from me?

Four of Swords

To realise that you have overcome the hurt and the pain of the past, you can come out of your hiding place

That was really good! I might do this more often!

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