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Shoutout: Steven Bright

In preparation for our conference this year, we are interviewing each speaker to get a more in-depth idea of who they are and what they’ll be presenting. First up is Steven Bright. Read on to get to know him better!

TABI: Which card would you describe yourself with and why?

I identify with Strength at this point of life, since I am combatting many of my fears and not allowing my insecurities get the better of me.

TABI: When, how and why have you started to use the Tarot?

I began using the tarot in 1997. My first deck was an impulse buy in a supermarket, of all places, and it ignited something within me. I would argue that it awoke something that was already there. I now use it to guide others and help them to make informed and empowering decisions.

TABI: Please give a short bio of yourself. You could include family, hobbies, work, achievements, favourite food/movie/music, tarot… whatever you think is good to know about you! (Not that there would be anyone who doesn’t know you!)

I grew up in London and now live in Kent. I enjoy a quieter life than I ever have, enjoying to spend time with friends, create art and visit interesting places. One of my favourite things is to rummage through car boot sales and junk markets, hunting for interesting treasures to aid creativity or work with in some way.

TABI: Please give a short summary of what you are going to teach us at TABI’s Conference in Birmingham.

I plan to share an alternative way of reading tarot, which I have created for those who’d enjoy an immediate and punchier style of reading. It is adapted from my years of looking into different cartomancy methods and transferring what I have learned to the enigmatic tarot cards.

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